Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


That analysis from Bunting is pretty superficial (despite its length).

Reads to me as the kind of thing you write when you’re desperate to distinguish a previous case from the one you’re working on right now.


Onya Bruce

Keep on keeping on.




I thought that was the case also.


Dare I hope?


They already did. Underbelly Kings Cross.


If you want to make your blood boil, read on.

This is surely a bad joke.

It shows just how corrupt the entire IOC/CAS/WADA anti-doping set-up really is.

Twenty-eight Russian athletes had their Olympic doping bans overturned on Thursday, throwing the International Olympic Committee’s policy on Russian doping into turmoil.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that evidence was “insufficient” that the 28 — including several medallists — had broken anti—doping rules at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

The 28 who had their bans lifted could now seek late entry into the Pyeongchang Games, which open February 9.

Eleven more were ruled to have been guilty of doping, but had lifetime bans cut to a ban from the Pyeongchang Games alone.

CAS said it “unanimously found that the evidence put forward by the IOC in relation to this matter did not have the same weight in each individual case. In 28 cases, the evidence collected was found to be insufficient to establish that an anti-doping rule violation was committed by the athletes concerned.”

The IOC has already invited 169 Russians to the Pyeonchang Olympics under a neutral flag, but may now be forced to allow in athletes it deems dopers, eight days before the Games begin.

It wasn’t immediately clear how many of the 28 Russians would now seek to compete. Some have already retired from competitive sports.

Those reinstated at the Sochi Olympics include skeleton luge gold medallist Alexander Tretiakov and cross-country ski gold medallist Alexander Legkov.

Russia won’t win back some medals, such as in the men’s four-man bobsled, where two crew members were disqualified and two reinstated. Both of the gold medal-winning two-man bobsled crew remain banned.

The IOC last year banned 43 Russians over doping offences at the Sochi Olympics, ruling they had been part of a scheme to dope.

The Russian director of the laboratory which handled samples for the Sochi Games, Grigory Rodchenkov, said he gave cocktails of banned steroids to athletes and swapped tainted samples for clean urine on orders from Russian state sports officials.

The Russian government vehemently denies ever supporting doping. Three more appeals, all involving retired biathlon competitors, will be heard later.


Alexander Legkov (cross-country skiing, GOLD, SILVER) Aleksei Negodailo (bobsleigh, GOLD) Dmitry Trunenkov (bobsleigh, GOLD) Aleksander Tretiakov (skeleton, GOLD) Maxim Vylegzhanin (cross-country skiing, 3x SILVER) Albert Demchenko (luge, 2x SILVER) Alexander Bessmertnykh (cross-country skiing, SILVER) Nikita Kryukov (cross-country skiing, SILVER) Tatyana Ivanova (luge, SILVER) Olga Fatkulina (speed skating, SILVER) Elena Nikitina (skeleton, BRONZE) Olga Stulneva (bobsleigh) Liudmila Udobkina (bobsleigh) Evgeniy Belov (cross-country skiing) Natalia Matveeva (cross-country skiing) Alexey Petukhov (cross-country skiing) Evgenia Shapovalova (cross-country skiing) Tatiana Burina (ice hockey) Ekaterina Lebedeva (ice hockey) Ekaterina Pashkevich (ice hockey) Anna Shchukina (ice hockey) Ekaterina Smolentseva (ice hockey) Sergei Chudinov (skeleton) Maria Orlova (skeleton) Olga Potylitsyna (skeleton) Artem Kuznetcov (speed skating) Alexander Rumyantsev (speed skating) Ivan Skobrev (speed skating)


Aleksandr Zubkov (bobsleigh, 2x GOLD) Alexey Voevoda (bobsleigh, 2x GOLD) Alexander Kasyanov (bobsleigh) Ilvir Khuzin (bobsleigh) Aleksei Pushkarev (bobsleigh) Yulia Chekaleva (cross-country skiing) Anastasia Dotsenko (cross-country skiing) Julia Ivanova (cross-country skiing) Inna Dyubanok (ice hockey) Anna Shibanova (ice hockey) Galina Skiba (ice hockey) CASES POSTPONED: Olga Vilukhina (biathlon, 2x SILVER) Yana Romanova (biathlon, SILVER) Olga Zaytseva (biathlon, SILVER)


Surely that Russian debacle must add some weight to the fact that we were done over…

The contradictions just keep mounting up.


So to clarify, who is taking who to court stabby?


A podcast about this whole saga would be very interesting listening.


It makes me so mad how we were so rorted. Corrupt scum. I hate em. Cas, wada, our governments, the weak media. All spineless


The Russian case is not what it seems - The banning of some Russian athletes and clearing of others who had links to Sochi 2014 was cynical - Most of the athletes that were then banned were strong medal chances, while if you were an outsider for a medal it was all clear - So in effect we had selective bans to stop Russian athletes who had a chance of winning medals.

TB4 - How in earth could CAS find players guilty if there is no documentary evidence of TB4 - No paperwork, no photos and it seems no text messages - Will add there has been limited analysis of the substance thymosin of which there are about 30 different types - The CAS hearing in no way made a distinction.


page 2 herewith:


So WADA turns a blind eye to systematic doping for years in Russia given the amount of funding $$$ they get from them.

Finally a whistleblower tips them in on it and forced to go after athletes.

Then some of the Russian athletes found guilty by WADA appeal to CAS & get off due to insufficient evidence when actually testing the evidence properly as they should like at the AFL ADT

Happy for those Russian athletes to have got justice there but that’s only happened because WADA would have wanted CAS to do so.

Otherwise the EFC situation would have occurred

Have to feel for the players who will no doubt see this and be reminded again how unfairly they were treated through it all and that they were stitched up to suit an ASADA/WADA agenda.

They’d have gotten off if Paul Little had of provided a sizeable donation to WADA & their chosen CAS delegates as it all comes down to $$


Do the Russia findings highlight the need for us to consider the language we use when talking about the CAS hearing of the 34?
To differentiate between the systemic shortcomings of the CAS system and the potential of corruptibility and conflicts of interest held by Beloff, Subiotto and Spigelmen?


Does anyone know any details about Bruce’s matter at the AAT in Brisbane? Is it to do with ASADA not complying with his FOI requests or something different?


Guessing it’s about McDevitt being cleared for misleading the senate. Bruce was the one who made the complaint about it in first place.

Stabby or others may have better idea no doubt




I still maintain that John Fahey was likely the lynchpin that made this all happen, the central conductor of all ASADA / WADA / CAS actions… he is the glue that sticks everything together politically. He was the one that unleashed that dog of a man McFarkwit, the one that stood on the sidelines directing McFarkwit’s activities. Sadly the farker only wanted to damage Australia Rules football and unbelievably the AFL said “yeah sure John stick the boots into the Bombers, just don’t look at any other AFL clubs…OK?”

The EFC34 being found guilty by CAS had to happen, else many political / public servants / ASADA heads were on the chopping block due to the corrupt processes that took place, the influencing of the media etc etc …they were all so confident we were guilty !!! The AFL and media stood back and let it all happenned cause guess what…their heads were on the blopping block too. AND when we were found guilty Gill took the high road…to protect his own involvement.

Everything that has happenned since the CAS decision and into the future is about stopping any sort of uncovering of what dirty deals were done. Or if you like, the boys club covering each others butts.


And Fahey, as a former Federal Finance Minister would have been conscious of the crap Australian foreign policy mantra about being a good international citizen , here we are, taking on one of Australia’s biggest clubs; public servants got dutchessed into delivering what good guys we are; David Evans being such a good corporate citizen in deliveing the scalps - never a bad word to be said about him, no one camping on his lawn, not one journo pursuing him.
Lives get wrecked through this, but the instigators still have their noses in the public trough.
Fahey and Coates bought the votes for the Sydney Olympics. Other vote buying is being investigated. But nothing to see here.