Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


And Roy Masters, with his connections to Rugby League and hatred of all thing AFL. Writing his stuff in Fairfux in the Sydney papers to create the League V AFL mantra. With his brother being the lead journo on Four Corners, the truth had no chance of being allowed to come out.


And Bartlett feeding the leaks from big Mike to that moron Colbert and then pretendiind to be suprised by the story…makes me burn deep inside that the littlee farker has dodged any recognition of the role he played at SEN in dishing the dirt


Bartlett reminds me of a ferret and behaves like one.


Greatest injustice to a bunch of athletes in sports history.

Asada,Wada,CAS should all be a shamed of them selfs and closed down.


J34 are looking for people living in the seat of Batman interested in helping out. PM for details.


Someone posted this in EFC supporter group page

An exert from CAS, and why Russian athletes have had their appeal upheld

The body’s secretary general, Matthieu Reeb, said there was only “circumstantial evidence” that supported individual claims of doping.

He added: "It is a matter where there is no direct evidence, such as positive test or a voluntary admission.

This does not mean that the 28 athletes are declared innocent, but due to insufficient evidence the appeals are upheld, the sanctions annulled and their results in Sochi are reinstated."



I still don’t understand how this can happen and no one but Essendon fans can see the contradictions.


Can the 34 appeal to CAS, using the above case as a precedent?


Haha that would be interesting to see CAS yet again tie logical pretzels to justify one but not the other decision.

Absolutely CAS = Corrupt Arssehole Shitheads.


And don’t forget that at the same time as Russia gave its generous donation to WADA, Australia also bought Fahey’s position as WADA head. It’s all there in the WADA Executive Committee minutes of 11 May 2013,
Apart from the the $100k donation to WADA to fund its case against the 34 ( which did not surface in the WADA accounts) I have never seen any questioning why the Government funded Fahey’s so called personal costs as WADA head. Public servants and politicians are accountable for their expenses, but you can bet that Fahey did not submit any documents to explain away his expenses.


I always hope that I pull at at some quiet car park an run into either dropkick Colbert or mcdickhead an just tear into em the low life’s. Corrupt pieces of ■■■■ human being is all they are. That Colbert flog whenever he comes on the radio it just gets turned off. What a waste of air he breaths


Colbert’s behaviour in relation to the Saga is hurting him professionally.

There are many working to make sure his prospective commercial partners understand the depth of his ignorance and shallowness of his character.


Excellent again, Tracey Holmes. Just finished listening to the Ticket, EFC and J34 discussed. Worth grabbing the podcast when it comes up.


Usually comes up on the ABC Listen app on Thursdays.
Any mention of Howman, who, while at WADA, played a central role in the Saga ( including discussions with the government and AFL).?
You know, the one on the Hunt Sports Review Panel. Don’t hold your breath for any outcomes critical of WADA or of the handling of the Saga


And in more news - Ben McDevitt is Chair of WADA’s Independent Observer group at the Winter Olympics


So, … we now see what the promised payoff was then.


Comes as no surprise at all, and I still wanna puke


WADA so concerned about tampering with test bottles, what about tampering with evidence? The athletes should be afraid. What does Schwab , head of the Global Athletes Alliance, think about those?


This, absolutely THIS is proof beyond any doubt what a corrupt organization WADAis, and all its minions are.

Rewarding McDevitt for his ability to lie, thus becoming the perfect addition to an already completely corrupt organization.

Truly, what a fking farce!!!

How many more turds are going to be dropped on a shitcake aleady 50ft high?


Yes that would be right. Repaid beautifully for his loyalty of bringing in the bacon and for being able to get $100,000 from the Australian Government to pay for WADA’s legal bills.

There is also a rumour that Susan Ley might be standing for Parliament again. That is an accident waiting to happen.

Watch out Gillon, Benny might be after your job next.