Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Meanwhile a “phase” report, of August last year , as part of the National Sports Plan process , is now available on the Ausport site. Prepared by a consultant , it purports to assemble the views of (unknown) stakeholders collected in June-July last year. A bit thin on the ground on Integrity issues.
The UK Parliament Committee report has also been released, reportedly damning of record keeping in cycling and athletics and not kind to Coe. It falls short of claims of doping violations, although UKAD has ongoing investigations in cycling.


Whose got the link to the initial Taylor court documents again?

Be good to see all that was being alleged again now that it’s actually been able to get past the AFL’s stalling tactics and going to open court.


Found it

Ha! Oh boy. Discovery going to open a massive can of worms that the AFL has tried to keep shut.


Beat me to it!


Not getting myself too excited about this one, but hopefully it’s the end of the beginning of the end for Gil & Co.


I’ve had my hopes dashed too many times…


The 19th isn’t a Tuesday but it’ll do.


Can someone explain this to a Law Nuffy.


The AFL are a complete set of corrupt scumbags. However given the legal system is heavily populated with like-minded scumbags, the burden of proof tends to be a difficult obstacle to overcome.


I’m no lawyer but the general gist I take from it is:

  • Calling out the AFL/Gil/Fitzpatrick/Clothier for their manipulative & illegal actions throughout the saga & engaging in deceptive / misleading conduct (lieing) in regards to how they portrayed themselves in public throughout which together with said actions is in breach of Australian consumer law

  • Calling out the AFL for failures of regulation on the sports science front with players welfare in mind leading up to the saga. And that they did nothing to protect the EFC players despite supposedly having doubts & doing tests in Germany very early on.

  • Calling out the AFL for bullying/vilification of Hird which contributed to his mental state of mind that had him at point of suicide

And then wanting the AFL/key parties to admit to all of this and put it on their website/in paper as to what they actually did and thus own up to being the lieing pack of fkn c*nts they actually are!


on behalf of who?

Himself? The players? The punters?


I am comfortably satisfied that a miscarriage of justice occurred.

My starting point is that the AFL is guilty.

There are many strands in a cable to support this.


I think it’s just about himself/the public. Consumers.


Things I am interested in seeing answered:

16.5 through the actions of its Integrity Manager, Brett Clothier, committed fraud in
the provision by Mr Clothier of information to ASADA that was, to Mr
Clothier’s knowledge, false;

16.6 through the actions of Gillon McLachlan, requested ASADA to commit fraud
by removing material from ASADA’s Interim Report that was unfavourable to
the interests of the AFL.

Not holding my breath.


Anyone else think the AFL will have no hesitation in perjuring themselves?


“I don’t recall”

“I don’t recall”

“I don’t recall”

“I don’t recall”

“I don’t recall”

“I don’t recall”


If the judge has any ties to any of the defendants in any way, there is no chance anything will come of it.

Yes I’m that cynical about the top end of town.



I expect another round of mass amnesia. Hopefully this judge isn’t going to fawn over them and actually take into account the evidence presented.


No doubt memories will be failing with extraordinary frequency, but much of what’s alleged is actually on record isn’t it?


Thats the bit we are all waiting for. Discovery.