Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”




Not related, but you can see who is backing ASADA by blocking numerous saga FOI requests.

The smell is strong, and they know it.


Can’t help but smile:

SEN’s high-profile breakfast team hasn’t helped the station in the latest ratings figures released today.

The Herald Sun’s Luke Dennehy tells us the breakfast timeslot ratings has fallen to just 2.5 per cent - down from 3.8.

This year SEN revamped its breakfast team, recruiting Garry Lyon, Hamish McLachlan and Sam McClure to partner Tim Watson.

The decision to launch on January 30 - later than other stations - may have had a big impact.


I refuse to listen to SEN anyway now, Not that a care anyway, but imagine how shithowze their ratings would be without Timmy


why do we bother having FOI laws when they can weasel their way out of providing documents? where is our FREEDOM to access public information???


well they could have had Hirdy I don’t feel sorry for any of them except Timmy …get out now Tim run


Just close it down


SEN business model is very odd. Troll a very large section of potential listeners for years then wonder why people switch off


Bit like The Rage’s … LOL, hope they both slide all the way to hell


Yes it is fascinating listening to Hamish interview Gil - hard hitting stuff.

Imagine if it was Hirdy asking the questions - now that would have been worth a listen



No, the decision to put 3 twats out of 4 on it did


slow interweb


Can someone post hirdys article from the Hun?


Yep … here


What a legend Jimmy is. It’s great to see him back out there.

Brought a tear to my eye when describing what he went through.


I won’t pollute the positivity of the other thread. But I hope Fitzpatrick chokes on his cornflakes every time he sees one of Hirdys articles.


Er…if they are only potential listeners then they are not listening anyway and can’t turn off.

I seriously doubt the the drop of of rating is due to disgruntled Essendon supporters. Seriously we don’t have that much power.

The flaw in the SEN business model is that only a very few people want to listen to wall-to-wall sport. And of those that do aren’t allowed to by the Mrs.


Jeez, I didn’t know your Mrs wielded such power to affect the media industry.


You dont know the half of it