Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


It’s only pissweak if Browny says so, kay?


Wallis is still upset that EFC didnt pay for an Excel course.


Do you want to be the one who questions him on that? Lol I’d say he is an expert in the field, unlike some of the self-appointed experts (more like clowns) littered all through the saga.

If anyone knows what happened at EFC at that time, I reckon he probably would, this whole sags is a bit like the conspiracies around JFK and the mob in the US.

If you’re reading this, Hi Mick Hi!!! Love your work.


I know the club has been screwed over a few times by Wally, but the more I hear about him, I almost feel sorry for him. He sounds likes hes a few quid short and easily impressionable.

At the TAB
Friend: Come on Wally we’re all having a bet.
Wally: But…I don’t think… I can
Friend: Mate where at the pub it’s only a $20, whos going to know, You’ll be right.
Wally: Yeah, I’ll be right…

In the dungeon
Dank: Mate, bit of a mix up, there’s some invoices that came under your name, can you get them processed.
Wally: But…whats it
Dank Nothing to worry about mate, already been cleared by the bosses, you’ll be right
Dank: Thanks mate, oh and I need to catch you tomorrow about a spreadsheet I need you to set up

With the Elliots
Elliot Snr: Mate you’ve been screwed over, look at how everyone else was looked after, don’t you deserve something We’ll just bluff them, you’ll be right
Wally: Yeah…I was screwed…yeah ok.


Where is the face palm emoji when you need it?




How this did not get any air time when it was published is astounding. Or, maybe not.


lol fixed,


Similar issues surfaced between ASADA and Hibberd in regard to Cronulla. Hibberd was a supplier. According to Hibberd, ASADA threatened him when he refused to talk on the advice of his lawyer ( Stanton, who also represented Dank). There were earlier reports of an ASADA representative seemingly trying to entrap Hibberd in 2009


Did he play guitar after that??


No, it was a presenter error.
The presenter said that Gatto claimed that he had evidence of EFC players taking illegal drugs. That was promptly followed by the audio of gatto saying he had evidence of EFC players taking ‘legal’ drugs.

Hence…why I said…‘fmd’


Not hard to imagine how confusion around who went to see who could also arise.

I like MelbChief’s tweet:


The whole thing was concocted as a Footy Show 17 “Launch”.

Murdoch Press, Fox, Channel 9, have always been in cahoots.

IIRC, the Rage actually came out with the reality, after the HUN did it’s fake news attempt at new scandal, … and then Gatto turns up on the FS, … yawn.

It’s got fat fk Hutch’s fingerprints all over it.


These guys have all the answers - I wonder if they’ll take questions?

Speaker Profiles: Chloe Saltau | Rohan Connolly | Caroline Wilson | Michael Gleeson

On the eve of the AFL season, summer optimism has given way to nervous white-line fever.

Join our panel of experts, lead by host Chloe Saltau (The Age’s Sports Editor) to discuss the big questions: how will Essendon bounce back from the drugs ban, has the women’s league been a success, and will the Western Bulldogs fairy tale have a second chapter?

Rohan Connolly (The Age’s Senior Football Writer), Caroline Wilson (The Age’s Chief Football Writer) and Michael Gleeson (The Age’s Senior Football Writer) are also on the panel. Don’t miss the chance to hear from the experts first-hand and have your questions answered.

• Date: Tuesday, March 21
• Time: Drinks and canapés 6.30pm - 7.00pm. Discussion 7.00pm - 8.30pm
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How much for non subscribers - the knowledge they can sleep well at night. Who seriously would listen to that panel of effluent dribbling ■■■■■■


The consequences for Australian athletes and footballers in adopting the WADA code


Mr Steven Amendola, Partner Ashurst Lawyers, discusses the consequences for athletes under the existing WADA code, and explains why it may not be the best model to respond to anti-doping.

Mr Amendola explains:

“The consequences for athletes is that they have less rights than most Australian citizens if they’re investigated”.

“…but you have the worst of all worlds if you are an athlete, you are just on an assembly line and you are disposable.”

“…Look at what happened when CAS dealt with the appeal by WADA. They dealt with the Essendon players like they were a job lot. They tarred them all on the basis of some…and on the basis of not giving consideration to all the evidence in my opinion…”.

“I thought that Court of Arbitration of Sport decision was a very poor decision”

“The view seems to be taken that because you are well paid and you’re in the public eye, therefore your rights just diminish until effectively zero.”

"Is that the way we want public policy to operate in this country? "


The anti-doping framework has to be a proper regulatory framework and not based on backroom deals. ASADA do not appear to be accountable to the Australian Government.

Further, both the US Senate and UK Parliament have started inquiries, so should Australia, particularly because we have had the worst possible case.

Kindly support a Senate Inquiry into this whole sordid affair by adding your name/details this petition, and then ask others to support it.

If you have already supported the petition, take positive action by sending an email to the decision makers. It takes just one click or you can create your own email - go here to take postive action:

For further information, contact Justice of the 34 via their Facebook page.

Thank you for your support and patience.


FOI Request 9 April 2016.

Dear Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority,

Please provide all documents related to Nathan Bock and subsequently being cleared by ASADA.

Yours faithfully,

Vito Guzzardi.


Odd, Attorney General’s department have decided everything is exempt from FOI.



To all the journos who stalk this site - wouldn’t it be in the public’s interest to get to the bottom of this…


Public interest: Yes
AFL’s interest: No, therefore
Journalists interest: No



The reality: ASADA CEO’s submission at AFL Tribunal were assessed by the players lawyers as “ not inherently plausible.”