Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


That would be terrible unfortunate and careless.


I’d reckon there would be a spreadsheet somewhere…


I was just thinking about this again today in light of Ziggy being at the chairman’s dinner before dreamtime. The assumption that EFC had these serious governance issues is based solely on Ziggy’s report. This is the biggest governance issue in AFL history & led to a multi-million dollar fine, loss of draft picks & of course expulsion from the finals YET the AFL entrusted the investigation of the governance to a guy with connections to EFC & no declared expertise in the AFL’s quality systems. This is akin to the AFL doing its own internal reviews & finding themselves spotless. Think about this again for a second, the AFL have world class auditors at their disposal to thoroughly investigate every single facet of the club yet they allow EFC to appoint their own reviewer who then hastily produces an obvious propaganda piece that fails to identify exactly what the governance failures were. Why wasn’t a professional auditing team brought in…is it maybe just maybe because such professional companies have standards they have to comply with as well? Deloit’s can’t simply produce opinion pieces on the exotic level of substances they hold no scientific basis for.

Its also important to remember that the AFL were pushing ASADA to focus their interim report on EFC’s governance. Again ASADA are in no position to judge governance let alone report on it so why would the AFL even need this if they had a genuine report from a genuine auditor that provided genuine evidence of genuine governance failures. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.


‘take bits out’?


It’s very believable JBomber that the AFL decided in February 2013 to go hard on the governance angle, in part to distract attention from their own failure to act in 2012. Also, as the ASADA investigation began to fail to find evidence of PEDs, they then doubled down on the governance angle, and this also presented the only way they could get rid of that pesky James Hird.


@dougyboy posted this link in the Justice for the 34 thread.

‘Taylor has worked with law firm Arnold Bloch Leibler in Melbourne and was a partner at Latham and Watkins in London. He has no direct links to Essendon but told the Supreme Court in June last year that the proceeding was “a once in a lifetime case".’

Obviously none of the communication specialists or people in high places know how to read or don’t bother reading. Their opinion on the subject matter is more important. :roll_eyes:


Caddyshack!!? Well I never…I thought the Dangerfield/Loggins complex was just the product of your very odd imagination. Footloose was the other one I was thinking of.


Media ran with a small section of Ziggy Report. None quoted this bit from the Executive Summary of same report. My bold emphasis added.

“The High Performance Fitness team grew to 7 staff in early 2012. A sports scientist joined this team as a contractor, and his role initially focused on nutrition, oversight of GPS results and input to players fitness strategies. Both the head of the Performance Unit and the sports scientist appeared to have credible qualifications in the sports science field and long periods of relevant experience in elite sport.”


This just gets better and better.


According to the AFL survey, 12 clubs conducted programs with medium or high levels of supplement use and lacked a single point of accountability; club documentation of player supplement use was inadequate.


Is Philip Nelson a Blitzer? Props either way.


Here’s some governance failures for you;

  1. Administrative processes

A number of normal business processes were either not complied with, or too easily circumvented during this period.
• EFC contractors placed orders on suppliers outside normal procurement and authorization processes with EFC listed as the purchaser. This included acquisition of exotic compounds that may or may not have been intended for use by the Club.
• New suppliers were used outside the approved list of vendors. Sign off by the medical staff should be mandatory for all medical and supplement supplies and associated treatments.
• Terms and conditions for purchase orders should be clear and all invoices reconciled with original orders and with approved authorizations for budgeting. Contra deals, or other arrangements, need documentation and controls.
• Some claims on Medicare, made by external doctors, may have been inappropriate and should be notified for review and action.
• Audit - the normal tests undertaken by external auditors would not reveal loose processes, and there is no separate internal audit function. The Audit sub committee of the board may need to update its terms of reference in light of these findings.


It’s this sort of stuff that angers me about what transpired during that period. And shows how dishonest and agenda driven the AFL were.

A good, honest and concerned organisation would have asked what does this mean for all of the clubs and how do we deal with this across the whole organisation?

A good, honest and concerned media would have asked what does this mean for all of the clubs/AFL and how do we report what is happening across the whole organisation?

You could ask the same question about WADA / ASADA/ whoever was responsible to check supplement use and the accountability and club documentation of their use.

Instead Essendon was the one and only to be interrogated. We took a self-reported bullet for the organisation.


Is that it. Is that why we went through hell for all those years?


So if it turns out all the other clubs governance was dodgy and this gets up does it mean we will win the flag, all the other teams will finish 9th and we will have picks 1 (Round 1) and 2 (Round 2) in the 2019 draft? Oh and who will pay the 2 mill fine for about half the competition?


If I could wait that long, I might settle for next time Fark Carlton make the finals and we don’t, we get their spot and Cripps.

On reflection, I can wait after all, as long as they give us Cripps now.

It would be delicious.


Apparently from little things, big things grow…


Not sure I really understood these transcripts.

Though I am surprised that this guy was testifying:


Makes me just want to sit down and have a drink of that stuff with blue powder in it. Don’t know what it is but it tastes ok.


Have you noticed the shape of Cripps’ head? Takes a lot of blue powder drink to cause a mutation like that. He must be snorting it too.