Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


All of the days?


Whatever She Takes Off


Correct, he’s a farkcarlton, but he can be forgiven for that in these very special circumstances.



As NON an Essendon supporter as you could possibly get.

Hard to believe such a bastion of truth as The Australian could or would report so falsely, … :roll_eyes:


Looks almost like five supporters in one


I expect a senior AFL executives mum to be interviewed on radio soon…


Actually I had quick look at the claim again this morning and there is some stuff in there about the AFL’s failures in 2012 that may have compromised the players’ welfare. The claim alleges the AFL has made misleading remarks about those alleged failures.


If you’ve seen Caddyshack and Top Gun you know at least six.


I expect shoddiness from the media but "A legal industry insider suggested to AAP that … " sets a new low. So to be clear, someone at AAP knows a lawyer who said something like “maybe Taylor’s a Bombers fan”.


He’s an Arsenal fan judging by his twitter pic.


You know who else is a Carlton fan
Chris kaias


It will frustrate them immensely when only Warner and Chip etc are able to report on something that will generate huge discussion nationally.

Their special little AFL accreditation preventing them from doing anything other than toeing the line


What happens if the AFL have lost all of their documentation and no one knows what actually went on?


Like at Essendon?


Yeah. Are there still punishments for these guys though like there was at Essendon?


If that’s the case, we’ll just have to believe that they all really are fine upstanding citizens. I’m sure Caro and Barrett etc will tell us they are and it’s insulting that they were asked to provide this mystery documentation anyway.


I am sure we at Blitz could come up with a hundred page charge sheet to be published in the Hun and Age !

Am I doing it right ???


So what happens next? Time frame of when a hearing will be held?


Jeez, that sounds like some pretty bad governance.


Asada would not lots of documentation, wouldn’t they?