Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Needs some Bruce Francis.


My read of para 39 of the conclusions - in relation to “…the statements formed part of an ongoing public narrative against certain members of the EFC.”- is that senior AFL figures can’t simply rely on a defence that they were just expressing an opinion.


Gil, ya get out of touch when ya sleep with horses.


Essendon may well have moved on as they firstly farked up and then were complicit in the AFL stitch up, and also they’d have been told to.

The fans haven’t. Hird and Bomber haven’t. And the players certainly wouldn’t have despite their settlement agreements. Natrat open in saying it cuts at him hence still fighting, Crameri as well.

Gil can deflect all he wants. His time is coming.


when it was an internal audit (nothing to do with the AFL) it should never have seen the light of day unless heavily redacted. it was a offence against all of us paid up members that the report was handed over to the afl, media & asada & used to whack us over the head …just what was Evans & the board thinking they should be in trouble over that I am sure it breaks some sort of company rule


is he supposed to comment publically on something that has yet to go to court?? I hope this bites him big time !!


Ahhh, good ol’ Mike “whichever way the wind blows” Sheahan eh?

Nice to have him onside for now until he hangs around with someone from the AFL and changes his mind to suit them.


So 2 blokes who aren’t on the AFL teat and don’t fear for their livelihood, speak the unvarnished truth to a guy that has to toe the party line to protect his Pravda Accreditation,. . right.


They literally say that to his face, he’d rather his name on the Media Room rather than go the AFL


Gil saying it’s personal, against him as an individual and nothing to do with the Essendon case.
Not what the judge said about Gil and co’s statements being part of an ongoing narrative against certain members of the EFC.
Gil not saying that his own comments were personal about certain members of the EFC, he is accountable for statements given in his official capacity. Why did he make them?


FWIW, while skimming across the bands a few months ago, I heard a full panel on triple M say.
‘We know your views, Purple, but does anyone else here not recognise Jobe as a Brownlow medalist.’
‘Yeah, of course, he is, one of the more legit ones, too.’
‘Okay, moving on…’

Bambi has fallen in love with Sarah written by Bruce Francis Guys

@Jack_Latour @heraldsunmick

AFL 360 last night - what a display of spinelessness by Gerard ‘Bambi’ Whateley. Clearly his duchessing by the AFL has rendered him impotent when it comes to saying anything critical of headquarters, which for him are much closer to Docklands than to Southbank or Richmond.

His failure to utter one sentence, let alone an analysis, about the ruling by Justice John Dixon in the Victorian Supreme Court against the AFL shot to smithereens whatever was left of his credibility as an independent evaluator of all things sport.

Even while he was still at the ABC, there was great concern, particularly among former ABC broadcasting legends, about Whateley’s obsequious behaviour towards the likes of McLachlan, particularly when he carried on like a school girl in front of her favourite Rockstar when Gillon came into the broadcast box at the Melbourne Cup a few years ago.

Let’s compare what Whateley did, or didn’t do, last night to the reaction when Tracey Holmes interviewed James Hird.

James answered 70 questions put to him by Tracey, yet all hell broke loose among the AFL’s propagandists about Tracey not asking hard questions.

Where are the clueless David Culbert and the rest of the sycophants this morning wanting to know why on Fox Sport’s flagship there was no mention of what could well be the biggest story of all to come out of the whole corrupt ASADA saga.

The Federal Government takes breaches of Consumer Law so seriously they are now pushing through Parliament even harsher penalties than the ones that currently exist.

They won’t take effect until later this year, but even the penalties that will apply to the AFL, McLachlan, Demetriou and Fitzpatrick if they are found guilty are heavy.

We have seen nothing like it in Australian sport before, this is a landmark case.

Officials in other sports are watching it too, but not Bambi Whateley.

We know the AFL is desperate to keep it out of court, promoting through its trained monkeys in the media the “let’s on move on” line.

The same thing was said to those people wronged by the banks.

Thankfully many didn’t, we have a Royal Commission into the banks, plus other inquiries, and people who have behaved badly, even illegally, are being exposed.

There is a mood for this to happen all over Australian. Australians are sick and tired of elite groups at the top of the pyramids ripping them off while drawing huge salaries of their own.

That’s exactly what the AFL is accused of doing in this court case set to go to a full hearing now before Justice John Dixon.

The quivering of The Age, which didn’t send a journalist to cover Justice Dixon’s finding, the total absence of any mention of it on AFL 360 is a betrayal of their readers and their viewers.

People who buy the Fox Sports packages in good faith were entitled to sit down in front of the television last night thinking they would hear a thorough analysis of what Justice Dixon’s findings means to the AFL, and sport in general.

Instead they got nothing.

It was the weakest act in a litany of them since Gerard Whateley stopped being a journalist and became a PR spokesman for the AFL.

Bambi has fallen in love with Sarah.



Andy Maher seems to be doing the running for SEN on the case. There is an extract available on podcast of his discussion with Steven Drill of the Hun.


Podcast from back when Jones got Gil on air

Lies regarding - “Take bits out that might compromise what we need”

Demetriou & Clothier making false promises to AA, the latter also had no issue lieing about the “warning” either

Part of JT case about AFL releasing interim report, in the Hird bullying section.


Its called fiduciary duty. Basically its the expectation that you act in the best interests of the company you are representing. I believe there would be a very clear case to suggest every member of the EFC board breached their fiduciary duty if for nothing else, for releasing the Ziggy report to the AFL & media. As I said at the time, no company anywhere else in the world would internally review their processes & then release the dirt for the market to see.


Gillon McLachlan says Supreme Court case over the Essendon drugs saga is a waste of money
Michael Warner, Herald Sun
an hour ago
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AFL supremo Gillon McLachlan says a Supreme Court case lodged against the league over the Essendon drugs saga is a waste of money.

Justice John Dixon ruled on Wednesday that allegations the AFL had deceived the public during the six-season scandal should be tested at trial.

But McLachlan said the case brought by Melbourne lawyer Jackson Taylor was “odd” and unrelated to footy’s greatest crisis.



“It’s not on the Essendon issue, the Essendon issue is sort of closed and solved and it’s gone to court and the full court of the thing (the Full Court of the Federal Court) and it’s been found entirely legal,” McLachlan told 3AW.

“This is an individual who has got a grievance about some comments I made in the media, it’s actually sort of not something I’ve thought about too much.

“I think it’s an odd one and it will play out as it plays out.”

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan. Picture: Chris Kidd
The case alleges McLachlan and retired AFL commission chairman Mike Fitzpatrick contravened consumer law by misleading or deceiving the public over the league’s conduct in the Bombers saga, to protect its commercial interests and reputation.

Asked by 3AW’s Neil Mitchell who was representing him, McLachlan said: “There are lawyers at the office, I don’t know who is working on it specifically. The point is media commentary said it was misleading and deceptive - it seems like a lot of wasted money to me, Neil. Anyway, it will play out.”

Pressed on his suggestion the Supreme Court proceeding was a waste of money, McLachlan said: “It is at our end, for something that’s a personal … it’s against me individually not related to the Essendon case and I know that the Essendon footy club and the players and others, all they want to do is move on.”

The AFL’s defence in the case is being led by top law firm K&L Gates.

Partner Stephen Meade was the lead lawyer in charge when Taylor first challenged the AFL in July 2015.

Meade has since joined the AFL as its head of legal and regulatory and filed an affidavit on behalf of the league in March in support of its bid for a limited trial.

McLachlan and Meade are former teammates and life members of the University Blues Football Club in the Victorian Amateur Football League.

The AFL this week failed in a bid to have parts of the Taylor case heard at a preliminary hearing, limiting the need for witnesses and the discovery of documents.

The ruling brought McLachlan, Fitzpatrick and former AFL boss Andrew Demetriou a step closer to being quizzed under oath over their handling of the drugs storm.

Justice Dixon also ordered the AFL to pay Taylor’s costs for opposing the application.

Taylor is being represented by human rights lawyer Julian Burnside, QC, who represented James Hird during his fight with the AFL.

A date for the next hearing in the case has yet to be fixed.


Should he be commenting on it?


How interesting, Meade previously represented the AFL whilst working at K&L Gates and now works at the AFL. Oh and he is mates with McLachlan. Blow me down with a feather - didn’t see that coming.

Standard operating procedure.


LOL, Gil saying he doesn’t know which lawyers at AFL House are working on the case specifically.
Pierik has done a pretty much verbatim report in the Rage on the 3AW interview.


Still spouting this line

Trial is about AFL deception and yet he continues with blatant lies. All that was determined (somehow) was the joint investigation being legal - nothing to do with the AFL’s conduct throughout

Ends do not justify the means Gillon. You are going down kent and straight out of the big office.