Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Gil lies every time he opens his mouth. Would not know the truth if it hit him in the face.


‘Waste of money’

What a pathetic and disrespectful comment about our legal system. If you’ve been mandated to appear in a court room, there is a reason.

To brush it off and complain about the cost is complete arrogance, and lack of understanding about the severity of the whole issue.


I thought he knew the Federal Court proceeding was about the AFL and ASADA mingling their powers. It was not testing the burning issue of “was the full court of the thing entirely legal?”


I recall in an interview last year with Tim Gary and Gil’s xxxx brother on sen, and I stand to be corrected that Gil made a statement that he’s never lied.


A liar would say he never lies wouldn’t he?



This is going back a long way.
Way, way back.
I’m not sure if what was before the interim report or not, but around that time.

I was at a conference of communications…people.
An AFL guy was a speaker (of many over the weekend).
He was treated with…as much contempt as is politically possible in that world.

He said ‘our processes were wrong but the end result was right.’
Yes, you can all see what question that prompts.
Apparently it never occurred to the speaker.

I know a lot of people are surprised that AFL clubs are run…very much on country football club lines.
People think AFL clubs are these big, powerful…regulated…businesses.
It shocks people that they’re not.

Well, here’s the thing.
The AFL is exactly the same.


Asked by 3AW’s Neil Mitchell who was representing him, McLachlan said: “There are lawyers at the office, I don’t know who is working on it specifically.

McLachlan and Meade are former teammates and life members of the University Blues Football Club in the Victorian Amateur Football League.

Lie after farking lie.
Your mother should be ashamed of you.


He is a lieing liar who lies



Bruce is onto it - the list of influential recipients ensures Gil will read it. The subject line would not pass the swear filter.

Dear Mr McLachlan

On Friday 24 February 2017, you told SEN Radio: “In terms of actually being called someone who lies, the day that I lie to someone is the day I can’t do my job.”

Writing in the Herald Sun today, Michael Warner said:

‘Asked by 3AW’s Neil Mitchell who was representing him, McLachlan said: “There are lawyers at the office, I don’t know who is working on it specifically.”

‘The AFL’s defence in the case is being led by top law firm K&L Gates.

‘Partner Stephen Meade was the lead lawyer in charge when Taylor first challenged the AFL in July 2015. Meade has since joined the AFL as its head of legal and regulatory and filed an affidavit on behalf of the league in March in support of its bid for a limited trial. McLachlan and Meade are former teammates and life members of the University Blues Football Club in the Victorian Amateur Football League.’

Given the above, I am comfortably satisfied that your comment: “There are lawyers at the office, I don’t know who is working on it specifically” is another lie and you should resign instantly.

Meade, a close friend, has been working on the matter on and off for years and you are implying that you don’t know who in the office is working on the matter. Are you suggesting that you haven’t spoken to Meade about it in the last nine months?

Who authorised Meade to spend huge sums of money trying to have Taylor’s case kicked out?

I could go on documenting your lies but for the time being four should suffice:

You lied about what went on at Rhodes Street.

You lied to Alan Jones in a radio interview.

You lied to Carly Crawford on 7 August 2013 about not discussing possible penalties until Andrew Dillon decided whether to lay charges.

You lied about David Evans self-reporting on 5 February 2013. Evans could not have self-reported on 5 February 2013 because you and ASADA CEO Aurora Andruska decided on 1 February 2013 to conduct an investigation into drug taking at Essendon.

For the rest of your lies you will have to buy the book: ‘”Guilty’: James Hird or Gill McLachlan, Andrew Dillon, Richard Goyder, Linda Dessau, Ben McDevitt, David Evans, Paul Little, Justice James Spigelman, Julia Gillard, Malcolm Turnbull, Graham Ashton.”

It has been written in the form of a trial and I am defending Hird and prosecuting the case against the others and the reader is being asked to play the role of the jury and send their decision in a tear out page to a PO Box.

Bruce Francis


Interesting isn’t it. Case about deception, i.e lying, and he then lies about it. And somehow expects people to believe him?


Just another example of his abuse of power - he sees himself as unaccountable for his lies.Seems the AFL integrity unit does not extend to such behaviour. Must be fun working there.


“oh its a rather odd thing they are doing at that full court of the thing over there”

He could have said “I have nothing to hide and am fully understanding of the need to be held to account in a court of law”

I hope he gets grilled like a quarter pounder.


Flame grilled like a hungry Jack’s whopper


Can’t take either of these Mclachlans faces. Horrible looking slick haired apple chinned goons.


He shouldn’t but it’s great he’s shooting his mouth off, Judge who thinks ther e is a case to answer, shouldn’t be impressed by gillion saying its a waste ofvtime snd money. Also we ould be nice t o see , say, NLM , shoot down the claim that the players have moved on/are over it. Top man that NLM, go hard, go often.


A sharp pole rammed up his ar $e like a dagwood dog


Bruce is worked up. There’s Liar, Liar 2. I’ve edited a bit for length. So after Bruce’s clear and full e plantation of the Federal Court case, Gil should understand a little better what most of us know.

Dear Mr McLachlan

Writing in the Herald Sun today, Michael Warner quoted you on 3AW as follows: “It’s not on the Essendon issue, the Essendon issue is sort of closed and solved and it’s gone to court and the full court of the thing (the Full Court of the Federal Court) and it’s been found entirely legal.” (my emphasis).

Apologies for my tardiness. Tonight I let another whopping lie of yours go through to the keeper. You are in great company because Health Minister Greg Hunt, Victorian Police Commissioner Graham Ashton and Pinocchio Ben McDevitt told the same lie.

As your lie is identical to Victorian Police Commissioner Graham Ashton’s, my response to him should suffice as a response to you.

February 1, 2018

Dear [Police Commissioner Ashton]

The second paragraph of your letter is factually incorrect where you state: “The matters outlined in your letter have already been subject to protracted consideration within the civil jurisdiction.”

To my knowledge, there has only been one case (and an appeal to the full bench). Justice James Middleton of the Federal Court heard the case on 11, 12, 13 August 2014.


  1.        In those proceedings (which were heard together), the Essendon Football Club and Mr James Hird alleged that the AFL and ASADA had no power to conduct the joint investigation in the way it was conducted (involving the use by ASADA of AFL “compulsory powers”), and that ASADA breached its confidentiality obligations during the course of the investigation and in the provision to the AFL of an interim report.
  2.        The AFL was not a party to those proceedings. No relief was sought against the AFL. Neither the Commission of the AFL nor any agent or employee of the AFL gave evidence at that proceeding.
  3.        It is important to recall that the case before Justice Middleton did not involve a broad and general inquiry (outside the pleaded case) as to the general conduct of the investigation, nor the day-to-day activities of ASADA Chief Executive Ms Andruska or her investigators during the course of the investigation.
  4.        For the purposes of that proceeding, there was no need to consider or comment on the propriety or otherwise of the intervention by the then Federal government during the course of the investigation.
  5.        Justice Middleton was asked to adjudicate upon the correct characterisation of the events which occurred, and the purpose and nature of the investigation by ASADA with the cooperation of the AFL.

Justice Middleton was not asked to consider or decide whether:

  1.        The AFL conspired with ASADA, the Essendon board (represented by Chairman David Evans and Chief Executive Ian Robson) and the Federal government, on 9 February 2013 to fix the result of the investigation before the first witness was interviewed.
  2.        The Essendon board endorsed the agreement reached by the AFL, ASADA and the Gillard government.
  3.        The action of AFL Chief Executive Andrew Demetriou continually implying in the media that Essendon and Hird were guilty. 
  4.        The AFL briefed the proposed jury (the AFL Commissioners) on the evidence before the investigation was completed.
  5.        The AFL informed the jury before the investigation was completed that the Essendon Football Club, James Hird, Danny Corcoran and Mark Thompson were guilty.
  6.        The AFL informed the jury before the investigation was completed what some of the penalties would be.
  7.        The AFL bullied and blackmailed the Essendon Football Club, James Hird, Danny Corcoran and Mark Thompson to accept the penalties before charges were laid.
  8.        The Essendon board agreed to the fraud in order to mitigate the threat of more severe penalties.
  9.        ASADA changed evidence; omitted evidence; and fabricated evidence to help the AFL create a case against Essendon, Hird, Corcoran and Thompson.
  10.    The AFL denied Hird procedural fairness by wanting him stood aside as coach before he was even interviewed.
  11.    At the AFL’s behest, on 25 June 2013, David Evans asked James Hird if he would agree to be suspended and Essendon be banned from playing in the finals series.
  12.    On separate occasions, deputy AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan (26 June 2013) and Andrew Demetriou (24 July 2013) asked Ms Andruska to omit information from the interim report. Those omissions may have contributed to the AFL being able to defraud Essendon of $2 million.
  13.    The AFL asked ASADA to include things in the interim report in order to prove guilt. This contributed to the AFL defrauding Essendon of $2 million.
  14.    ASADA chief investigator John Nolan tried to doctor the injection figures on 15 July 2013, in order to build the case against Essendon.

Justice Middleton was not asked to adjudicate on any of the matters that I have outlined above and he did not do so.


And straight into the big house