Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


NLM is a great man, but we are not still waiting for him to go once.

Seems to be in a nil-all draw with Dank so far.


Hang these ■■■■■■. I actually don’t care about the comp now. They can farking hang and bring down the whole thing. It’s so contrived these days. I’m happy for the whole thing to fold. It’s sad for everyone innocent on contracts but the truth is better than living a lie even if it’s something you love. Fark it. Let’s burn the whole thing and watch VFL There’s nothing worse than fakeness.


No, he just takes out the bits he doesn’t need.


Gilligan never lies when his mouth is shut unfortunately, that’s not nearly enough.


Have you seen the look in his eyes?


"“The day I lie to someone is the day I can’t do my job,” McLachlan told SEN on Friday morning."


Now there is an Orwellian title.


Time to sack himself then.


I just wonder what the Head of the AFL Commission, Richard Goyder, thinks of all this. Could he be considering tapping Gil on the shoulder?


It’s fear.


What on earth does he have to gain by saying he doesn’t know his mate is his lawyer?

Only thing I can think is the Trump tactic - you prepare everyone for the big lies by making little lies every single time.

It needs to be called out. Early and often.

Anyone who’s CEO of a company who doesn’t know who’s representing them in current proceedings is not competent to do their job.


Obviously he was trying to downplay the significance of the case through feigned indifference & by & large that approach from the AFL has served them well especially with their captive media.

Of course the missed opportunity was to then reply with “do you have that many lost law suits that you no longer take an interest in the AFL losing money? Isn’t it your job to know whats happening?”



Obvious follow up question that any idiot would ask, without knowing the context.

Then again, McKenna said he didn’t know what was happening. Demons claimed not to know they were employing Dank. Hird said he did know what was happening and got hung, drawn & quartered. At least they’re consistent.


I doubt Gilligan feels fear. His nickname is the negotiator, he believes he can talk his way in and out of everything. Lies just roll off his tongue as natural as can be. So much so, I think he believes his own make ups.


I think that’s a distinct possibility if he has to take the stand, one can only hope.


He can’t claim any success as a negotiator in the saga. The stated objective was to get the players off in return for bringing down five Essendon staff. But, by offering up the AFL investigative rights to ASADA, he ended up delivering 34 players to a 12 months suspension, in addition to a life ban for Dank and sanctions on Hird, Bomba and Corcoran. He also went over the top in excluding Essendon from the Finals, imposing a fine on the club and loss of draft picks.
At no time did he seek to negotiate with ASADA, as he completely misunderstood the legislative conditions under which ASADA operates. Instead he thought he could order ASADA to do his bidding, absent any negotiating coin.He failed to appreciate that the AFL held all the cards in respect of the players.
And, for all that failure, he got promoted to CEO.


Maybe, at the time, he still looked like an improvement on Vlad.


The whole thing is about the waste of MY money which was defrauded from me by Gil and his cronies by stringing me along for 22 weeks then pulling the rug out on the eve of the last round.

Can’t wait to see this kent squirm in the box. That 5 mins with Alan Jones was delightful. Will pay good money for court tickets to see Burnside go to task on him for hours.


Great post!

Deserves more than just a like. Appreciate your work, ba!


I may even fly over from Perth just see that!