Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


What it is is disrespectful and is indicative of the hubris this administration has.


The only truth that could come out of Jackson Taylor’s trial is the truth that the AFL was corrupt in their manipulation of the process and predetermination of the outcome. We already know all that. The trial is to get legal recognition of this corruption and some recompense for the damage the AFL caused, which will convince another 20% of the public that the 34+3 were wronged. No doubt our poor governance will get 1000 reruns as well.

We won’t get the truth as to where Dank ordered the thymosin from, and that is the one truth we really want to know. A magic spreadsheet with every single detail of every single supplement administered to each player prepared in real time is not going to appear as we know with certainty that it (or anything remotely close to it) never existed anywhere in AFL land.


So rather than the being the Chamberlain, … or the France, … maybe the “Oswald” is far more apt?

Mosley? I liked your post until then. If we really want a WWII analogy for EFC, maybe Poland. Reasonable size, no recent major success. Officially what the whole war was about, but got carved up mercilessly and the “winners” decided everyone should just move on notwithstanding.


The only deals that stuck were the deals between the AFL and ASADA and the NRL and ASADA to limit the charges to a club each in the respective leagues. If the common thread was Dank, how many clubs did he work for? I count 6, at least four of them involving Robinson also.
( Manly, Cronulla, Geelong, GCS, Melbourne and Essendon).
And the AFL did not seek fit to inform Essendon why GCS sacked Dank so swiftly in 2011.


We, meaning those of us in here and on this forum. Many outside this circle, know nothing except that the players cheated, it was Hird’s fault. So, if those lies are exposed it will be a great opportunity and an opening of a wider conversation leading to the truth.

The public have been so entrained in the AFL/ASADA rhetoric of the made up narrative, they are simply not open to hearing anything different. JT and JB may bring about questioning what has been, leading to change.


We began our investigation in wrong place. (But of course we didn’t know this when all hell broke loose.) The place we should have examined was, WHY did the AFL allow Dank and Robinson work at Essendon when they had dealt in banned drugs under the WADA code at the G.C. Suns? There were people at the AFL who knew what had happened and who covered it up. Knowing this, the people involved at the AFL, allowed both men to be employed at the EFC without informing anyone at the EFC, Dank and Robinson had been in breach of the WADA code with G.C. Suns and former Adelaide player, Bock. All the AFL and ASADA had to do was sit pat and wait. Sooner or later the lid would blow off. They had all the time in the world to set up the narrative exactly the way they wanted it to play out.

This is where the set up began. The narrative begins right there.


Weren’t Carlton also exploring with Alvi about supplements and how to get them?


If the trial exposes AFL corruption AND the media report it fairly for long enough, then the ‘narrative’ in Joe Public’s mind might change to - Essendon cheated, Hird is evil but the AFL also suck. If there are 20% of the public open to an alternative and the trial gets to them, that will be great.
What surprises me is how little beyond The Age headlines AFL-interested above average IQ people I talk to know about the saga. We’re the enemy and it so much easier to believe the enemy is evil. Some of you guys seem to have contact with other clubs’ supporters who followed more closely and realise to some extent the level of the stitch-up.




Yes. That’d be Nathan Bock who left Adelaide for the Suns. He was also the disastrous goalkeeper in an International Rules match against Ireland, who let in three goals in a one-point defeat for Australia.

I remember some story about him getting stuck into his wife during which the police were called. he got an “indefinite suspension” for this from the Adelaide Crows club: the suspension was lifted after ONE match.


I don’t call McLachlan “the negotiator”
I call him “the corrupt ■■■■ that ■■■■■■ us over and continues to do so”


The tribalism that defines the AFL supporter base has been used efficiently by the AFL to cover up their own behaviour. To achieve any sort of justice, we have to promote that the AFL does not always act in the best interests of the game. Any AFL fan you speak to can list examples of where they believe the AFL has acted badly, even down to food prices at the footy. The Taylor case is up for exposing some examples of the AFL riding roughshod over those who stand in the way of them determining and protecting their brand. Not much will eventuate from the Taylor case that we don’t already know or suspect, but there could be important revelations for others and make them wake up to how the game is being corrupted at the hands of these cowboys. It’s not about Essendon, in the long run it’s about our game.


Yes they were. They also taped the conversation.

The tape then just magically self destructed ala Mission Impossible. :sunglasses:

(I wonder why)


That was fat Andy’s little love nick name for Gilligan.

I remember fat Andy jokingly said in an interview something like, we’d much rather have Gill working for us at the AFL than against us. He called Gil “THE NEGOTIATOR.”


but the dills in AFL house are trying to change history & say he did


somehow I think I would rather they had deregistered us then at lease we the people could have taken them to court to get us reinstated or whatever


I think the set up started way before we thought it did & getting Dank to Essendon unimpeded was one of them …they knew Bomber had worked with Robinson & would want to poach him so pretty sure they made no waves or reports about what they did at the gold coast


so the afl won out of that because the club got rid of him anyway should have gone down & taken a few more with him …in hindsight I’d say that was his one regret


Yep Little should have stood up.
Imagine all the EFC fans marching on AFL house if we got deregistered.
AFL couldnt even miss us for 1 season during the saga year even allowing us to pickup DFA’s to top up our list while players on suspension.

Annoying thing is Asada still would ahve taken forever to make their decision and we would have been deregistered indefinetly until when…


As to ASADA’s assertions that it acted as a model litigant:
Contrary to Commonwealth model litigant provisions, it didn’t pursue charges against GCS and did not bring to the attention of the CAS arbitrators that some of the evidence was doctored or that there was no proven history of Dank’s use of TB4 at other clubs.
In regard to a current inquiry about Commonwealth model litigant provisions, there has been strong criticism of the adherence of Commonwealth agencies to those provisions ( although ASADA appears to have missed out in the criticisms),