Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Breaching immigration laws just well… because… as if she didn’t end up working for the family.

What did Dutton do to scratch Gillons back first time around? Install McDevitt as ASADA CEO?


Like I said long ago, the connections of those in high places at the AFL, are far reaching. Favours for mates
and the you rub my back mentality. So cocky now its less hidden and more out in the open.

The tourist visa was supposed to be on the proviso she didn’t work and she did work. It happened about two years ago. Not even a slap on the wrist. Wowee!!! Pays to have mates in high places, maybe even free footy tickets.


I know. Unlike the rest of us on here…


Unbelievable. The characters who control our game - Vlad under investigation with the tax office, Gill suspected of involvement in a dodgy
immigration decision! My, my, the paragons of virtue. The ‘business model’ of connections used by the criminal world doesn’t look too different from that of our game’s leaders.


Leaked by new pms faction ?


The visa stories have been around for some time. More likely from staff that Dutton sacked. The Gil link came from FOI documents.


Anyone got any update on Bruce’s AAT efforts?


Voldemort and Gil make a great fkn team.


They are that.


Sorry to mislead you. Tracking back through the Home Affairs FOI documents ( released in April) and the AAT decision, names were withheld for privacy reasons.
But it would have been an open secret in Home Affairs, including by the sacked Border Force Chief . The media advisor sacked by Morrison (Logan) has a lot of contacts ( including police, for whom he previously worked). Now that Immigration has been separated from Home Affairs, could be a few more tongues willing to wag. And it should also come out in the Senate Inquiry on Dutton’s visas.
Gill and Dutton would be well known to each other from Dutton’s time as Minister for Sport.


This Gillon McLauchlan story has been amazing quiet amongst football media.

Surprisingly :laughing:


We had the (New) Mexican drugs, Gill has the French au pair. Bringing the game into disrepute.
It will be a laugh if Gill’s family ( big Liberal donors) have a hand in bringing down Dutton.


What is happening here?

You are apologising to yourself for misleading yourself…?


I meant Robin Close


According to the leading story on the ABC radio news just now, the McLachlan who got the favourable decision had contributed $48K to the Liberal Party over recent decades…

EDIT: $148K!


And related to Ian McLachlan, former Federal Liberal Minister


“…in the interests of Australia…”

Cos it’s not like there would be child minding skills available here already. And I’m sure this kind of intervention would be available to any Tom, ■■■■ or Mustafa who applied. One phone call and 20 minutes of buzzing around by staffers with some forms and a quick signature or two from the minister - I expect we’ll see that protocol pop up as de rigeur on future episodes of ‘Border Security’. Or perhaps not…

Granting favours unavailable to others, where the recipient of the favour is or is connected to a financial donor - isn’t that actual corruption?


TBF, you’d want something for that sort of cash.

Wow, …


There were three of them who had tourist visas, meaning they could not work. The French one had previously breached her earlier tourist visa by working as an au pair, which was why she was going to deported.
Dutton exercised his Ministerial discretion on public interest grounds ( humanitarian) but on condition she did not work. Whether that undertaking was observed or checked out is unknown.


So rather than going after the person who hired an illegal worker, the boys club swept it under the carpet