Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Wants it to go away rather than condition the public


Only one thing I hate more than a liar Gill, and that’s a hypocritical liar.


So fair to say Collingwood have now had three more positive tests than Essendon, and only had three positive tests.


Essendon acted alone


Imagine over the years, the Pies have had a lot more than 3.


Thymosin is a ‘family’ name of substances. The players were accused of being given a thymosin known as Thymosin Beta 4. Heaps of evidence that another thymosin (thymomodulin) was used. Dank, Robinson & Oliver had put simply ‘thymosin’ on consent forms signed by players.

Originally, ASADA’s own Anti-Doping Rule Violation Panel stated the following:


It’s only one tenth of 1% of our saga, but Eddie is managing the media (sorry his media) so smoothly and thanking ralphy for his fair and accurate reporting of the pies’ drugs mini-saga - because he knows there wasn’t fair or accurate reporting during our saga - as he was part of it.




Developing story in The Australian:

"Acquire Learning scandal: Taxman probes ex-AFL boss Demetriou’s loans"
“The Australian Taxation Office has launched a potential criminal investigation into Acquire Learning, the failed training broker fronted by former AFL boss and current Crown Resorts director Andrew Demetriou, focusing on the fate of hundreds of millions of dollars in government funding pumped into the company…”


Direct quote from the story in todays Australian:

Crucially, none of the advisory board would even become directors of Acquire or any of its subsidiaries. But they would be handsomely rewarded. Andrew Demetriou was loaned $1.68m by Acquire to buy Acquire shares in 2014 and Mr Lewis $1.82m. Both were later paid a “discretionary bonus” to repay the loan in full.

Demetriou is a man without ethics.


This is my interpretation of Gilligan, he is a delusional liar. He believes what he makes up.


Demetriou , who signed an affidavit for Gill when he was being investigated for insider trading for offfloading shares in his brother ‘s failing Spyglass venture.
Wonder how he is going with Bastion and whether it is getting any government or AFL contracts.



Go to Jail Fat Vlad, … Go Directly to Jail, … Do not pass GO!, …


Colour me Amazed, …


I have to wonder about the science in determining illicit drugs on match day are performance enhancing - I’ll also add WADA are too cute with their determination that certain substances are banned on match day but fine on the other six days of the week - Substances are either banned or not - None of these crappy half-measures.


Our latest PM a mad Sharks supporter and every second word is “mate” . A true man of the people ( first words are “stop the boats”) . Will he take counsel from Paul Gallen , who is burning up inside from what happened to him and others in Cronulla from the ASADA vendetta ( in which Dutton had a hand)?


I wonder if Gill and Co have shares in Paradigm??? Just wondering.


So does the Earth …the entire Universe is made up of energy!!! it is all the same energy


Not sure about Gil but Carlton head honchos do.


And now it looks like Dutton intervened in an immigration matter at the behest of Gillon. Fmd, you couldn’t make this up.