Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Absolutely, my feeling exactly. The man is a legend in my eyes and many others


What’s going on in the saga thread? Oh, a disagreement about Bruce Francis.


And they took it from the kangaroos and the dingoes…


He’s trying to do the right thing. I totally get and respect his efforts. But he got banned from posting on this site, like years ago, and it’s important to remember that too (and the reasons why). Some people on here (actually lots) have total tunnel vision when it comes to Bruce and whether his efforts have helped the cause, or actually have inadvertently hindered the cause.

But I also agree with the sentiment that there are more important things to talk about too


Recovering from flu… and this little quip gave me a coughing fit that near ended me.

You, being a medical environment for a living should really know better,… :smirk:


I’d like to now how exactly he may have made things worse? And why exactly he got banned from here?

If it’s anything to do with his tone. I have absolutely no problem with it.


Some people take exception to how relentlessly critical we are.
I’m thinking of a previous board member here…


Or attempted board members


Not sure if serious, but the dingoes were not indigenous but brought here by humans. Probably after the first wave(s) of proto-aboriginal immigrants.


Not indigenous becuase they were brought here by the indigenous people.

I know your correct but that’s a confusing statement.


My statement is correct. Your rephrasing of it may cause confusion.


How they sit on their polo ponies.


Just a joke. Land rights for tree climbing kangaroos is a serious issue which needs to taken up on their behalf.




If it had of remained in the domestic courts under the rules of evidence ASADA had no case


I don’t suppose this would be retrospective?


Well the E34 case could now and should be appealed.


As I understand it, the Seraing/Doyen case with FIFA involves FIFA rules providing for a ban on third party ownership of player economic rights, together with assigning exclusive jurisdiction to CAS. In addition to the issue of enforced arbitration, it raised issues of EU labour law, EU competition law, human rights law and the application of the Lugano Convention ( to which Australia may not be a party) to exclusive jurisdiction.
I am not so sure how far this would apply in our doping cases, given that CAS does not have exclusive jurisdiction and our labour/ employment laws may be different.
There is also the situation of Australia being party to an international treaty which accords WADA legitimacy
But it remains to be tested whether a player could challenge the AFL ( deemed a joint employer by the Federal Court) for suspension of employment based on a non- voluntary arbitration clause.


he definitely didn’t make things worse & he got banned because he was talking about player testimony (not naming names) but some mods took exception to him raising issues that were not sitting well with the Essendon football club / AFL alliance …well that was my take on it at the time


why not? the new system/rules were used on our players after the case had started