Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Noe Watson.
Crowd wants Brownlow back


Watson signing up daughter to aflw
Back to 93 talking to Fletch


Drawn first game for fletch
Started in ruck. Laughter


Never played in ruck again


Thanks for the updates Really appreciate it.


I was going to say thanks too, but also suggest, (if you could) just record it, and do a write up later, so you could just relax and enjoy the evening while you’re there??


Much laughter about reunions
Now to Jobe. Sheedy felt Jobe was lazy. Straight from private school took a long time to settle in
Knights only there for a while.
Hirdy now in job Fletch stepped up the training
Skin fold best ever.


Jobe now about medal.
Great thrill for whole Watson clan


Mum and dad at ceremony
Jobe asked dad if he was going to win during the night. Laughter
Very nervous
Special night for him


2012 dank and weapon arrive
Robinson reviewed late 2011.
Players ok with him at first
2012 leaders not happy.
Wanted clarification
Is it ok with ASADA WADA?


Jobe goes on tv thinks all ok.
There info is that it should be i ok
Monday night and it all erupts
Club self reports


Fletch - was self reporting smart?
Players signed forms and thought they’d done the right thing
Media for a hold of it
Very tough time


The forms led to banning
By signing forms they convicted themselves
Do you think you’re guilty
Yes must take some responsibly
But had no sense that they had been comlicit
Everyone knew what was happening at the club
Were the drugs illegal?


Only one person had elevated thymosin
Others from other clubs had elevation too.
ASADA wanted a big statement.


Fletch sounds bitter.
Tough to take


That is BS. They were badly advised throughout and they shouldn’t be accepting this crap which is no doubt AFL-sanctioned.

Thanks for news and updates, Sweaty!


Smashing of hird is seen as disgrace


Hird was shattered
Evans also smacked
All were losers
Big impact on families


Much pain and suffering
Footy club was safe
West coast game a favouritw game.
Media pushed the crowd to boo


Emotional game.
Media sensationised game
Down 25 half way in third.
Jobe felt guilty!
Led to a great win
Big passionate support behind goals