Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Authors of absurdist literature would be rejected by their publishers as being too unbelievable if they wrote a real-life account of the Saga.


Now that is an interesting question. Why indeed? It makes about as much sense as the AFL paying Dean Robinson compensation and providing him the opportunity of obtaining an MBA and may even have helped with employment. And; we could keep trying to figure out why’s where fore’s and never get any further understanding.

It certainly is the gift which has kept on giving to some and while kicking others in the guts.


Because NRL is investigating Cronulla for possible salary cap offences. Thats how they found the emails.


Bruce Francis latest email sent to the media following his successful FOI appeal:


This is just a taste. I haven’t dissected the articles yet.

This is what McKenzie said in his article:

In August that year, ASADA alleges that Dank told Robinson via a text message that TB4 would be the “cornerstone” of his work at the Bombers because it could accelerate player recovery .

This is what the text said:

23 August 2011

Dank sent Robinson a reminder by SMS:

‘Don’t forget how important Thymosin is. This is going to be our vital cornerstone next year. It is the ultimate assembly regulatory protein and biological modifier.

McKenzie changed Thymosin to TB-4; and added Bombers.

When the text was sent on 23 August 2011, Robinson hadn’t started at Essendon and Dank hadn’t even been interviewed. Until McKenzie inserted Bombers there was no evidence Dank and Robinson were talking about Essendon.

ASADA clearly knew that McKenzie had altered the text, which makes it guilty of corruption for tabling a false document with the ADRVP.


Bruce has also sent an email to Tanner and Campbell and numerous players which was headed:

"I can prove ASADA presented a corrupt case to the ADRVP"

His email Includes lots of examples which I won’t bother to copy here as we have all discussed them over and over, however the most interesting sentences are the ones below:

"I am staggered that although you have stated unambiguously that the players were not guilty, you have done nothing to help repair their and the club’s severely damaged reputation. This is your chance to do something. This is a opportunity to help Jobe get his Brownlow back. It is a chance to show you really care".

"I don’t understand that the club went to great lengths to protect a very senior executive around Christmas but won’t lift a finger to help the wrongly convicted players".

Yes, Hear! Hear!


What I wouldn’t give for Jobe to get his brownlow back and mitchell to lose his silver medal.


ASADA likely gave B&M that falsified info in first place

As it says ‘ASADA alleges’


I don’t understand that the club went to great lengths to protect a very senior executive around Christmas but won’t lift a finger to help the wrongly convicted players".**


What? Who?


Which Christmas, when and who was this person?


Shortest media release from Bruce ever.

The date of the SMS is interesting. Apparently Robinson finished working with Suns in Feb 2011; started working with Bombers on 25 Aug 2011. In between he was working at Cronulla, but I can’t find exact dates.

Could have been talking about EFC… it would depend on the context of the message.


Is there footage of the Tanner bake?


Damn it would be great if the heads that should have rolled actually roll if this gains legs!


Yeah! IF!


Been a while since this thread went BANG!


Just on this as details have been a bit brief, does this mean Bruce won his AAT appeal?




ASADA released a 97-pages of information to Bruce Francis.
The bad news was that about 90 pages were redacted.


Is that a joke, or…?


Can he appeal with the information commissioner re the redacted bits?


Redact the bits we don’t need?