Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


My Dad didn’t teach me that much, but he advised to trust everyone until they screw you over. He reckoned if you start off not trusting anyone until they prove themselves that you will lead a miserable farking life.

You do not know me and I have not screwed you over,



Your advocacy of bill shorten is a fair let down.


Good on your Dad. That is a reasonable philosophy.


Well Barnz, interesting enough, I was no fan of Bill Shorten until I actually met him and he told me about working to bring NDIS to reality. He spoke to me with real conviction about how we needed to do lots more for disabled people and he has got it done.

And he has united the Parliamentary Labor Party like no other Leader in all my years as a Members. Bill is definitely not perfect and at times his media performances can be wooden, but Fairfox and NewsCorp do not give him ( or in fact most Political Leaders) a fair go.

So if my only sin is supporting Bill, then I am doing OK.


I see the cronulla coach Flanagan has been de-registered for having contact with Cronulla during 2014 when he was suspended


this is why i keep coming back to this damn website.


lol they make everything else retrospective why not that ??? we the people want it to cover at least the last 10 years so tough Scott we will get what we want !!


so a government body not independent that does five fifths of stuff all


Icon is a word …it used to mean a devotional painting of Christ or another holy figure, typically done on wood and used ceremonially in the Byzantine and other Eastern Churches…now they have invented a few other meanings for its use


The people from Cronulla Rugby Club must be missing a few screws - Why would you ever document any meetings with a banned official - I am certain that at times other banned officials have had contact with their club but it’s kept hush hush.


Sounds to me like reasonable advice from your Dad.

And I said what I said from experiences I experienced working with Politicians.


Probably something over 600 politicians in Federal, State and Territories, how many have you worked with ?


Politicians speak, and in many cases - act in the way that works in our political system.
That it works that way, is an indictment on us all.


Not that many. I know there are some good ones in the bunch, I have met a few but unfortunately, not enough to make much of a difference when it really counts, except to cross the floor and sound off. Their allegiance to party culture and ideology etc.

And; certainly not in the areas I worked in, in various State and Federal ministries.


Go away…





Thank you Allan, for standing up for what you believe to be right for everyone not just for NRL, AFL and ASADA, CAS and WADA. Sounds very much like the NRL and the AFL run almost the same tight ship.


I’m wondering why now? Why has the NRL decided at this point in time to do this?


Dean Robinson admits to organising a banned substance to Bock, is part of a program that sees 34 players banned and still gets a job with NRL’s blessing at Sydney Roosters, who win a flag 18 months later.

Flanagan gets retrospectively deregistered 4 years after the fact for sending an email.

Lmfao. The extraordinary just keeps bobbing up in this whole shitfight, year after year.