Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Fark off. Ask any of the players - including the one mentioned by @mdso - and see if they think it is “all over and done”. The stain will last all their lives and through history.

This injustice must be fought or they and EFC will be forever tainted. That is what we are standing up for.

And it is a complete mystery to me why the club and its self-proclaimed “best man possible for the job” are not fighting for it too.


Well they clearly can’t do as the club / AFL have tied their hands (apparently), but if I was in their shoes I’d want the whole can of worms opened, tipped upside down, disected and x-rayed by every possible mechanism just to have the politicans, commentators, AFL officers and lets not forget the bureaucrats, exposed for what they are and what they did…then we can move on.


If you think it’s over and nothing will ever happen again, you have no real reason to be in this thread.


Maybe have a listen to Tracey Holmes when she interviewed Peter Jess on The Ticket talking about Nathan Lovett Murray. Might change your tune about how the players don’t give a toss about it. 18 March this year, 36 min 24 secs in, pity about Jackson Taylor.


Bridget McKenzie seems to be sitting on the Wood report on Sports Integrity. May be she could be given a jog about the institutional integrity of the statutory authority which she and portfolio Minister have carriage for. I recall Hunt refusing to act because there was nothing new. The FOI records may be new to him.


Sadly, we are living in times when the word integrity has little meaning. To take on the establishment you need many things, contacts in high places, an endless pot of money, lawyers who are prepared to go the full nine yards, physical, mental/emotional strength and agility and time. Having worked for the Department of Justice, I have seen the process of the Law and Justice in action and behind the scenes.

I realised very early on I would be no match for what might lie ahead if I chose to fight the establishment. I simply did not have the resources nor the grit required to withstand what I knew would come. I had to bite the bullet and find a way to learn to live with the experience and invest my time back into living a life worth living. Many of the J34 players and staff are working through this process and are doing this in their own way.

Sometimes, life deals up circumstances which are unfair and unjust, its not about being prepared to play dirty tricks and fight the good fight but more about how you learn to live with what has happened, adapt and be able to reinvest in and live your life and remain in your integrity. That’s what is important. I have seen how revenge and getting even eats a person away, until only a shadow of the self remains.


If Tanner does nothing he’s in on it too. At the end of the day, all the people in places of power that do nothing are in on it for selfish reasons, and the bit about the players welfare being their top priority is just window dressing.

What the players do about this is very much their choice, but good on Nathan for pursuing things still as I would too in his place. Maybe its my dash of Sicilian blood, but I wouldn’t let it go either.

In regards to ‘moving on’, think of Bomber Thompson too. Try telling him to move on. This ‘moving on’ rhetoric, started by the AFL to bury their crimes, makes me sick. The players may get on with things, but I can only imagine for many it will burn in them for the rest of their lives, just like it will for many supporters.

I haven’t watched an AFL game for years now, as I can’t bring myself to watch a hopelessly bent competition. Has the Essendon FC really moved on? I don’t think so, and unless these lies are corrected I can’t see it ever recovering. It was effectively destroyed IMO. That’s why I think they should have fought with everything they had as they really had nothing to lose. The turning point was dropping the court action in the early days.

Bruce deserves every accolade Australia could give him.


What a load of absolute rubbish.


Once you make it into the boys club, the business connections of which you prosper from & other perks associated would see very few rock the boat

Tanner would be firmly entrenched

All well and good for him to smash the media over their reporting of the saga. But it was the AFL feeding them every bit of it from what should have been private information, the accredited media only write what the AFL wants them to.


And, noticeably, Tanner didn’t extend his criticism to anyone from the AFL, who are equally firmly entrenched in the boys club.


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You could be like me. Whenever I see alex.f.94, I just skip to the next comment. In the same way, I never read Caroline Wilson or Patrick Smith who are clearly agents of the AFL.


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“agents of the AFL”


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there was enough new stuff in the submission to Hunt I doubt he even read it


Hunt? It would contain too many big words and it’s not written in crayon.