Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Speaking of “the boys club” they have their own Premiership Ladder.

Highest level in society - Old money, blue bloods, class connections. Rule 1. Never spend your own money, always find investors in a venture. Many of the people who run the country, some of the biggest and the best connections, often have access to information others do not have- a nice way of saying insider trading.

There are also some really wonderful and generous people.

The children of old money. The connections are made through the family. Still learning the family business but not yet ready to take over. Often marry into a family like their own. Lineage and school important.

Those invited into the boys club and/or buy their way in or through favours. Such as Corporate Giants, Judges, Barristers, etc. Like Eddie McGuire. There are women in the boys club but they are few and far between and they have to become like the boys.

Where there was once a middle class this is now dwindling and is no longer a vital force.

Closer to the bottom but a way above the bottom rungs - The Nouveau riche who are not trusted because they are not old money or blue bloods, many are looked upon as show off’s, have no class connections and often not the right sort of education. Its all in the breeding, connections and the right schools.

The rest of us. I’d rather be here than be with some I’ve seen there.




Happy New Year and welcome to the year the truth comes out.


Interesting to read this morning’s H-s (hard copy, apologies don’t have access on-line) that that the Russian doping lab is yet to provide the samples it said it would by 31-Dec-2018 - a key condition for the Russians to be allowed to complete.

The Russians claim they can’t hand over any samples because the (new?) equipment they have is yet to be certified/accredited by the Russian government.

So WADA will now meet mid-Jan 2019 to decide whetehr to reimpose the ban.

What a joke - contrast this “kids glove” approach on actual cheats with how the EFC players were treated without any positive samples, no evidence and only a “strands in a cable” approach by WADA & CAS in collusion.

Then again, as I pointed out at one point (I think Bigallan pointed me to the WADA meetings’ minutes and I went poking), the Russian Govt has been a big donor of WADA… .


guess it wouldn’t have had many pictures either LOL


We should always remember that “no positive samples” isn’t exactly true. Our boys PASSED a test developed & targeted specifically to get them so not only was there no evidence, WADA’s own testing is evidence they were innocent.


Yes, very true.

That was the great irony of the WADA/CAS case.

They thought they better have some actual evidence so had a TB-4 test developed - problem was, when it was applied to other AFL clubs and non-AFL (I think European) athletes, they, on average, had significantly higher levels of TB-4 than an Essendon player.

CAS then rendered the test inadmissible on the grounds that the test couldn’t distinguish whether the TB-4 that was present was produced naturally by the body or injected…which only added to the farce of the WADA-CAS collusion to find the Essendon players guilty regardless.


I would remind everyone that the scientific “evidence” provided by WADA expert witness, Dr James Cox, and noted by Chip in his book “removed nearly all remaining doubts in the minds of the CAS Panel” (that the sample tested at Bio21 was TB4)

The CAS decision stated that “the Panel was wholly convinced by the impressive evidence presented by Dr James Cox” (and it suited the desired outcome).

Cox demonstrated that of the 26 possible chemical compounds within Dr Vine’s margin of error only two were commercially available, Insulin and TB4. This was not challenged. It should have been.

The key term is “commercially available”. For any drug, biological to be marketed and sold in any country in the world then it must be either registered or listed with the National Regulatory Authority. In Australia this is the TGA, in the U.S. the FDA and in England the MHRA. For a substance to be registered or listed the company seeking the commercialisation of the substance must submit a full product dossier which, amongst many other elements, must contain irrefutable proof of efficacy and safety. These critical elements, along with the Quality System that supports the manufacture of that substance, must be independently reviewed and audited by the Regulator. Often this process can take years and cost millions of dollars. Companies only submit to this process if they are convinced their claims are valid and that the potential commercial gain is worth the up front costs.

Insulin is a well recognised, life saving peptide hormone which is registered globally. TB4 is NOT registered in any country in the world. If TB4 delivered the benefits claimed in the online advertising then every pharmaceutical company in the world would be all over it in terms of registration.

The TGA have now Scheduled TB4 because it is concerned about the false advertising and sales by Australian based companies. The TGA state that the limited data available on TB4 is unproven, that it is experimental, and use is a serious risk to health. The TGA and the Health Department are clamping down on these Australian based distributors but it won’t stop the importation from dubious overseas manufacturers.

Finally, given what I have just explained, it would be interesting to know the identities of the other 24 substances. I would suggest that these substances are experimental peptides (as is TB4). I know for a fact that the big pharma industry in the U.S. spend millions on synthesising peptides looking for that one peptide that possesses life saving antigenic properties. The potential commercial gain is worth the effort and cost.

This is another example of the poor science that has been prevalent throughout the saga. The google biochemists in the media and at ASADA continue to baffle the fans with their bullshite and the medical/scientific “experts” continue to sit on their hands to protect their precious reputations and the vested interests of their employers.


In addition to scientific issues, there are compelling reasons from an international legal perspective why the Cox evidence should have been dismissed by CAS:
The introduction of the Cox evidence at the second stage of arbitration - and effectively the final stage for the introduction of factual evidence - was an abuse of process that would not be tolerated in any other international jurisdiction.
It was not new evidence as such, rather evidence that could have been presented at the AFL Tribunal.
It is irrelevant to due process that the CAS proceedings were deemed to be de novo.


Is it only wise people who know - not bite the hand which feeds you.


How does this work?

Maybe the old duffer did really get a crook steak but despite his age he seemed to get off a bit light, especially seeing he was also taking a contaminated supplement. I suppose a four year ban might have finished his career.

90-year-old cyclist stripped of world record after failing drug test

Posted about 8 hours ago

Carl Grove wears a medal around his neck|700x467 PHOTO: Carl Grove had his 90-94 sprint title stripped after testing positive (Facebook: Men of Steel Racing)

A 90-year-old cyclist has been stripped of a world record after failing a drugs test at the US Masters Track National Championships.

Key points:

  • Grove set a world record on the day his urine test was taken
  • USADA believes the positive test was due to contaminated meat he ate the night before
  • The cyclist has accepted a public warning for violating anti-doping laws

Carl Grove set the record in winning the 90-94 age group sprint title last July.

But he was stripped of the title after testing positive for the metabolite epitrenbolone, the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) said.

USADA said the positive test was probably caused by contaminated meat eaten the evening before the race.

The agency said Grove, who was also found to be using a supplement contaminated with clomiphene, had accepted a public warning for violating anti-doping laws.

Epitrenbolone is a metabolite of the substance trenbolon, which is prohibited by USADA.


That’s the fittest >90 yo I’ve ever seen


WSPHU. Mature age rookie I reckon.


Clearly roped up to his eyeballs


You haven’t met my mother-in-law!






Three things about the 90 year old - First the athlete is tested by USADA who is notoriously soft on drugs, despite the bleatings of Tygart - Second, USADA like many NGO’s inflate their success rate by catching ‘weekend warriors’ who should never be in the testing pool - Third the 90 year old was the only competitor in his age group, so you wonder why he is tested.


Age and / or divisions shouldn’t matter. All athletes should be clean, even ones without direct competitors.

If a single competitor was to set drug affected records for age groups etc, then it would be unfair for other athletes aiming to beat those records.


He’s had lots of drugs just to get him to 90.