Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Dear Senator McKenzie

I acknowledge receipt of your 4 January 2019 letter.

The letter not only indicated that you know nothing about the Essendon-ASADA-AFL saga, but with all due respect, you are stupid enough to lie about it.

Although, as a fanatical Swans supporter I have no skin in the game, I have spent over 13,000 hours fighting for justice. On the other hand, you were too lazy to comply with my request to look at the 28-minute segment that Alan Jones and Graham Richardson devoted to the matter on their Richo & Jones Sky News programme.

After I sent you my 20 December 2017 letter, Larry Anthony asked me to allow you time to settle in. He had great hopes for you.

You didn’t respond to that letter. And now you have brought shame to you and your office through the content of your 4 January 2019 letter.

You need to go through the attached documents and ascertain whether I have made any mistakes. And then establish a judicial inquiry.

Yours faithfully

Bruce Francis

(Four documents were attached - too big for Blitz)

  1. 11 page Letter to Sen McKenzie dated 15 January 2019.
  2. 26 page Response to Greg Hunt outlining ASADA investigation items not addressed
  3. 104 page Complaint to Federal Ombudsman covering the AFL/ASADA investigation
  4. 135 page Response to CAS decision WADA -v- Essendon Football Players


Are there links to the attachments anywhere online?

I also see that ASADA have not updated their FOI disclosure log with the documents recently supplied to Bruce. By law, they’re meant to upload them within 10 working days of the applicant receiving them.


is any one looking after this Bruce Francis guy? Is he ok for money?, cause the amount of work he is putting in deserves a bucket full of cash.


To my knowledge Bruce Francis has been paying for this himself, so far.

I think he is very old fashioned about this and he made a pledge to do what he has been doing in the name of what is right and because he believes in justice. He is like a terrier with a bone.


By Law, since when have ASADA worried about the Law? They make their own laws and rules.


I believe he pays for this himself he has never asked for donations but I certainly wouldn’t say no if he did …he has been amazing


I hope too catch up with him this year and shout him lunch, if he’ll let me.

Bruce is one of those very old fashioned gentleman, he’s stuck in a time warp. Do you remember the kind who opens doors for people, would give people their seat on public transport, might tip his hat to say hello to someone (if he wore one) pulls the chair out for you to sit on and stuff like that.


I hope you can do that



Probably coz WADA isn’t in it to protect clean athletes, it’s in it for it’s own glory.


And $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Power and Moola - the cause of many bend over injuries.


The WADA CEO Howman, who took Australian Government money for Fahey’s apointnment; who took Russia’s money for WADA’s mystery voluntary donation; who took ASADA’s ( Government) money to pursue 34 innocent Essendon players; who took Australian Government money for appointment to to the investigation into Australian sport. A man with his snout into the trough.
No point in waiting for his dissection - as a so- called eminent lawyer- on the standard of proof in the CAS Legkov Russian case and the CAS E 34 case ( the latter involving fabricated evidence).
What think you Greg Hunt? How does this stand with you, the ASADA CEO?


Bruce Francis does everything for no pay. Everything paid out of his own pocket. He’s beholden to nobody. A person who believes in justice.


Just watched Icarus on Netflix last night for the first time, WADA is a laughing stock, corrupt and is absolutely a money making exercise with the illusion of keeping selected sports clean.


Aka empire building. Would expect no less from x public servants with the manacles off and no oversight :rage:


Except, WADA is a private organisation, incorporated under Swiss law and essentially run by the IOC, another private body - neither of them accountable to governments. Yet governments accord status and credibility to WADA through the relevant UNESCO treaty and pour money into infrastructure for IOC events.


Where’ve you been, @bigallan?
Who said you could have a holiday??


He’s been water ski-ing.