Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Way to miss my point. The 90 year got off on a technicality which happens to often under USADA`s watch.


He was stripped of the record and given a public warning.


Better than being warned on the record & given a Public stripping.


For everyone.


“Contaminated steak” was the story Lachie Keeffe and Josh thomas originally used. I bet he was off his ■■■■ on dodgy coke down the bingo hall.


This drug actually boosts testosterone in older men, so the dodgy supplement probably intentionally uses this drug which isn’t available under normal prescription, but is sometimes administered none the less for male infertility. It can increase prostate cancer in men where it is present also.


Who among us hasn’t, to get us to where we are now?


But some when they have their drugs just get a ticking off and some get strands in a cable and lose a year.

Didn’t realise how big the drugs made this bloke, he dwarfs the guy standing next to him.





Seriously, at what point do IOC, IAAF, WADA, CAS, FIFA and associated national officials get pulled up for corruption?

You’d have to be b1oody unlucky.


Or you p1ssed off the wrong person and/or they want in on the gig. What better way to eliminate a rival.


The way their system seems to work, you’d have to be very unlucky person or a fingered scapegoat to be bought undone and be left to wear it.


I like pristine waters the best


Sounds like a German ■■■■ star.





ASADA: We are above the law and don’t care for your democratic conventions.

(Translated as: we fart in your general direction)


I think we need to speak with the “Willileaks” people and ask them to get the information needed.
That is about the only way anything useful is likely to be forthcoming in the future.