Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Funnily enough, @Kira - I used to think you were female :slight_smile:


@Kira is not female?




Well, der.


Sadly, the Saga claims another victim.


off on a tangent i was reading a cricket book last night and it had a list of australian cricketers to make their debut in england and there was sir bruce


On the topic of Bruce and cricket books, he also wrote one years ago.

There’s even a ten cassette audio book version of it according to trove.


Wait, Bruce is actually a Francis?


What??? Umpires controlling games!! :rofl: …as if they would ever admit to that & what about all the nuffies out there that think the umpire’s decisions or non decisions have no bearing on the game ???


isn’t there some sort of computer program that can read under the redacted black mark??? or is that just tv sci-fi ???


It’s Hirdy’s Birthday, so it’s the 6th anniversary of ‘not getting a tip off’.


Only computers that have an Enhance button.


damn!! I need to get me one of those special fandangle machines!!!:rofl:


They are certainly not about the athletes or their best interests, actually the only thing they care about is their own best interests.



The AFL has lost another female from its executive team.

Corporate affairs general manager Liz Lukin has decided to step away for personal reasons, but will remain as an adviser.

Jay Allen, who last year became AFL head of media and communications, will take over corporate affairs.

Liz Lukin has lost another woman from its executive team. File image: Mark Dadswell

Lukin ran Essendon’s public relations at the start of the drugs scandal.

Her time at the club was cut short when chairman David Evans quit and billionaire Paul Little took over.

Lukin joined the AFL in December 2014.

Having her put in by the AFL for PR turned out to be a colossal mistake for Essendon. She was doing PR for the AFL to stop scandal spreading to other clubs that had won premierships.

Hope she stands on some Lego.


About fkn time.


What a scumbag


Oh, I had far more unpleasant wishes for her than that… but I’m a b astard!!


Another reason to look after myself.


and yet another piece of the puzzle gets to walk away with out suffering an consequences of destroying lives !!!