Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


May she rest in unpeace.


Communication specialists are very challenged when it comes to writing good.


Good riddance to the parasite.


Spoken like a man that has never stepped on LEGO!


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Yeah wow dignified.


No interest in being dignified where this ■■■■■ is concerned. I hope karma drives a great big bus right over the top of her. literally or figuratively


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$50 she’s just walked across the ramp to NAB.


This looks like an interesting defamation case to follow.


That’s weird, first they say they can’t block the comments then towards the end they say ‘oh we would block that’.

What a pack of self serving, slimy ■■■■■■. Hope the Judge comes down in Dylan’s favour.


Found out some solid info tonight. Can wish to follow or not. But what I found out was that the drug stephen dank used on our players was not legal or illegal( kind of like weirs Chinese drugs on his horses)
And dank and hirdy bought into it, they tested it and realised it healed injurys quicker than usual. The drug was used by a current player heavily. They tested it on players (that didnt know,and they healed well)They bought it off this person/group thinking theyd make some decent $$$ aswell. But at the same time they were not the only team that bought into it. Morale of the story is a team or few were doing it before we were - we are going to get blamed because we were not going to fold (exactly why we were picked on) it wasnt illegal or legal so it’s still up on the air, but whatever. Btw this person/group is a big syndicate/horse owner -fiorente was one he owned.


That’s quite a story. Not saying it can’t be true but it’s quite a story nevertheless. What was the drug?


In response to Jake’s not very solid information - the accusation against Dank fits with why he has never come forward and explained who he purchased the thymosin from, so that we can determine what kind it was and whether it was WADA compliant or not. But where’s the evidence? It would have to be purchased on the black market for the invoice(s) to still not have surfaced, given the accusation is that multiple people were purchasing.

However the accusation against Hird is ludicrous and doesn’t fit any of his testimony or known facts of the case. The idea that Hird knows what was purchased but kept fighting to clear his name without ever disclosing to the players what kind of thymosin they were given, and was duping us and them all along, is vicious, unsubstantiated fiction.


It’s pretty clear to me that it’s either the thymo, or, more likely, AOD (buy in/make money… Hird Evans attending AOD company (investment?) presentation at Danks invitation)

All the rest, as well as that is just matching basically the story we already know, other than maybe the other teams bit, … although IIRC, that too was mooted somewhere along the line. It’s a bit hard to remember it all now.

Nothing new, … but more reinforcement at least.


What’s all this about then?


I would be interested in finding out more information, especially the name of the substance and the person/group who Dank and Hird bought it off. As I mentioned earlier the TGA currently have a Federal Court claim against a peptide supplier for advertising false claims of efficacy and safety online and selling the peptides via an alleged online doctor consultation and issue of prescription

I would also add that an unspecified “test/trial” on a couple of players is hardly valid data.

Also, from a regulatory point of view the claim that the substance was not legal or illegal just doesn’t cut it. From a medical point of view a substance/drug/biological/device is either registered with the TGA (which means it has proven therapeutic and safety attributes) or not, and therefore not available for use (illegal under the TGA Act).

From an anti-doping standpoint a substance is either on the WADA Banned List (and therefore illegal for use by athletes) or not.

I might also add that the integrity of anyone involved in the horse racing industry is questionable given recent events.


Would have been easy for Dank to get the invoices for his o/s gear camouflaged as legit supplements.
Then there is Evans spending a whole weekend at Windy Hill snooping around. Some of those dodgy invoices would have raised an Evans eyebrow.
As for an audit trail back to the supplier- forget about it.


Meanwhile, Shane is mixing with the best…