Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Who is Clarke & why would anyone give any credence at all to what the AFL claim they may usually do? Even IF you had an official statement from the AFL which you don’t seem to have, then its simply assumption they returned anything let alone everything in the same condition & content that was taken.

As I’ve mentioned before - we know that the AFL leaked info to their whores about all the “exotic” substances we were allegedly taking. Remember the articles about pigs brain compound, bovine this, bark extract that. All that info came out within days of the AFL seizing laptops, phones etc so we know the club did have records, we know there was at least some level of accountability in the sports science dept. What we’ve never been given clarity on is exactly what the records were. Blaming the clubs poor governance was the plan hatched by the AFL even before we were tipped off & self reported so of course it was absolutely in the AFL’s interest to keep what records we did have because ANYTHING, that didn’t support rogue operators, marginalised Dr, Evans & board completely unaware & Hird as the architect could have brought the whole narrative down.

Again, we don’t know what the club did have but we do know the AFL were never about transparency in the process so I’ll continue to lean more towards the AFL kept anything & everything they thought was in their best interest to do so.


The TGA decision to list TB4 to prescription only was not contested. According to the TGA website, part justification for the decision was that it was not approved for use in any country.
I’d like to see the TGA evidence to support that statement, given that Handelsman’s assertion to that effect to the AFL Tribunal and CAS was conceded as an opinion rather than fact.


I have to be a bit careful here, but my guess is your source got their information from someone who has read a record of one of Dean Robinson’s interviews with the AFL.

Suffice to say, there was plenty of artistic licence in those, particularly when it came to Hird.

There is some truth to the China part though - 100%.


Let me guess - Dank ordered some (cheap) thymosin from China and later found out it was compounded with other peptides, hence he won’t reveal the supplier.
It’s either that, or he bought it from an unregistered/illegal source.

Nothing else explains why he offered nothing factual about the source of the thymosin as he spiraled down into financial and reputational bankruptcy; and the players burned because of his program, meaning he will never work in professional sport again.

All this crap about Big Dave stealing the evidence leading to 34+3 having their lives ruined is the silliest, most hysterical fantasy to come out of the Saga; and it has been repeated so many times on here, some people actually believe it.

Filter out all of the noise. It is only about what kind of thymosin was used. Everything else is irrelevant to the legality of the program. The players were suspended because Dank wouldn’t tell us where he purchased the thymosin from, which (because of the corrupt nature of the anti-doping system) enabled ASADA, WADA and CAS to choose their preferred answer to that question.

100 other actors need to be strung up for their contribution to the saga, and their disgraceful personal attacks on Hird and Thompson, but their antics are irrelevant relative to this one act of bastardry by Dank.


My source got the info from one of the guys that actually imported this said drug. Dank wanted in and bought it off them.


How one of the players/ex players has not gone to danks house, tied him up and started torturing him until he spilled his guts is beyond me.


As l said before, anyone thinking Evans spent the whole weekend at Windy Hill doing nothing more than talking to the cleaners, needs some serious psychological assessment.


IHey- you need to reset.
There was nothing furnished/produced from Windy Hiil that would require the AFL to tamper with, or not return, and if we were on the ball, anything taken from Windy Hill should be acknowledged.
The evidence pertaining to TB-4 was never there, so
I really don’t get your position on the AFL not returning all the stuff they took possession of.
By the way, a simple search will tell you exactly who Clarke is, that emailed me some info. You’re not that much of a knucklehead, surely not.


Not questioning your source but if he named Hird then it’s only fair that he actually names the other clubs and personnel that bought into it.


I’ll try to make it easier for you - the AFL seized laptops, servers, phones & physical records. They then proceeded to use those records against us by cherry picking leaks to their mouthpieces in the media. Next they used our apparent lack of records to justify massively sanctioning the club completely separate from any finding at all of anything relating to any banned substance. Any records we might have had that for example showed Evans or any other board members were aware of the program would have contravened the narrative of the time not to mention the agreement Evan & the board had made with the AFL to save themselves. We know the AFL controlled the narrative, we know they controlled the information being released - why would anyone here believe they would then give up that information???

Again, as I mentioned before, the decision to blame governance was hatched before the saga broke so of course any records we had that didn’t fit that agenda posed a problem for the AFL’s plans. You seem ok with the idea that Evans spent the weekend going through records & maybe even removing inculpatory evidence but then scoff at the idea the AFL might have done the same or similar - strange distinction.

Again who is Clarke, where am I supposed to do this simple search? Zac Clarke, Dylan, Nobby, Arthur C?? If its so simple then simply say it because I have no idea who you are referring to or why what they suggest the AFL might have done is any more probable.


Mate - whatever the AFL eventually got was well and truly sanitised, as you declare, to fit the narrative.
Just try Clarke AFL Legal ”- can’t believe you are so uninvestigative.


Sanitised ???

Don’t know where you get your info, but my legal mates reckon Evans just threw the EFC records and all files open to the Ziggy investigators who then had total free access. All of this went to AFL HQ.

And these legal boys also reckon Simon Clarke is sneaky and deceitful, just like them !




I’m sure Dave was happy to welcome Ziggy and his trusty assistant after spending the weekend snooping around Windy Hill.


I don’t think we disagree on any key facts regarding the governance sanctions.
Doc Reid said what happened at our club was a disgrace. The players said Dank’s organisational skills were shambolic; and Dank reported to a rodeo clown.

The AFL have a catch all disrepute rule which they can wield as they like. We were guilty of poor management and those bastards can choose whatever punishment they like and it is very difficult for us to prove in a court of law that our management was disgraceful but not so disgraceful to deserve the punishment dished out by the AFL.

I think we agree on everything regarding exaggeration, corruption and premeditation. Their obsession with destroying Hird and Thompson, and success with diverting attention from their own culpability is sickening.

But none of this occurred because someone or the AFL stole some files. There is no hidden information that would have saved us from governance penalties, because we were guilty - how guilty and whether we were only as guilty as the AFL, are arguments we could never win when the AFL is the decision maker.

That is all over, but the issue of the players’ reputations and Jobe’s brownlow will be reignited if the thymosin supplier is uncovered. That story hasn’t ended, yet, and (the credible part of) Jake’s information is relevant to that.


The Spider from Mars?


Agree with most of that- I’ll just add that Dave got some mail and had no intention of making it easy for anyone to lay a doping charge on the players, in his own particular way.


but he did !!


I am not sure anyone is suggesting that files were stolen. They were handed over completely under the direction of David Evans.

However the theory from many who know more legal stuff than me, is that if EFC had refused all requests and did not co-operate then maybe the AFL may have fined them (which happened anyway), but it would have gone no further and no ASADA at all.


Another fk up.