Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


It gets better…


I seem to remember that there is some loophole where compounding pharmacies can distribute non-TGA substances for research purposes. (e.g. that would make the substance “neither legal nor illegal”)

But correct me if I’m wrong.


The reason we still don’t know where Dank purchased the thymosin from is because only Dank and his supplier know.

If there were multiple buyers, multiple transactions and other clubs using the same product, Chip would have uncovered the source in about 30 seconds; no actually he would’ve given the job to his intern.

The reference to Evans eliminating such evidence is an accusation with as much thought as the idea that the moon is made from cheese.


Anyone suggesting that Evans did not spend the whole weekend snooping around at Windy Hill examining documents and sorting out what might be inculpatory is a knucklehead.


Like I said it was what I was told, of course it’s all sketchy and may not be whole heartily true because people tend to twist things/storys. But it was quite significant and thought I’d share. Do I believe hirdy bought into it? Not at all, I’m just passing on what I was told. Do I believe dank bought into it? Yeah I do


And given Dank has had his house shot at, he may be reluctant to tell.


Show us all the evidence otherwise……………its rubbish!


Why would anyone be surprised about Shane (I’m as honest as the day is long) Charters going into business with an alleged crim family in the money laundering business and may have something to do with the Mokbel Drug Empire???

One thing for certain, the only information Charters shares, goes nowhere. He obviously mixes with people who have connections on both sides of town and society. Has his sticky fingers in lots of pies in the making. It appears that he hasn’t learned his lesson from the last time in 2012/13. I wonder if the ACC and ASADA are watching from afar?


Where there’s a loophole, these guys will find it and exploit it. Clever.


My interpretation of Brady’s post is the substance may have been legal according to the WADA Code but POSSIBLY not be approved for use by the TGA - It does fit into the narrative of the time.


The fact that Dank hadn’t even been interviewed for a job at EFC let alone started working for us when he sent the infamous text about thymosin being the cornerstone of next years program, would be a very very good indication that we were not the only team using it, whatever it was. Its illogical to suggest Dank would even consider using let alone base his entire program around a substance he was not already familiar with. Equally its an illogical position to then suggest Dank simply changed his cornerstone from TB4 to Thymomodulin when he went to Melb without being familiar with it. If ASADA actually believes Dank supplied Thymomodulin to Melb then where did he get that from??? The only reasonable position has to be that whatever he gave EFC he also gave Melb & GC at a minimum.

Its also probably a good time to remember that ASADA didn’t even consider the possibility that the substance given to our players could have been Thymomodulin so they wouldn’t have spent any time at all looking for that supply line. They did establish a supply line for TB4 BUT they simply couldn’t substantiate a connection to our players hence why they failed at the Tribunal.

I have no idea if Evans destroyed any evidence but what I do know is that he handed ownership of all our evidence & our defence over to the AFL who were not acting in our best interests.


We also know that all of that evidence handed over to the AFL, was returned to EFC.


Wot? How do we know this? As a diligent saga watcher, this has escaped my gaze.

Please provide evidence to support this statement.


Counsel for the AFL (Clarke) advised they either take copies of evidence or seize items that need data downloaded, and then return those items.


IIRC, the AFL confiscated ANY and ALL the information and it was kept in a secure room at KPMG or similar. There was no mention of any repatriation to the club that I recall.


Why would the repatriation need to be disclosed?
Once the AFL finished copying and downloading, the stuff gets returned. Eventually.


As was the situation with TB4, a substance not approved for use could be freely imported and sold on the market. It was not illegal under the TGA Act. It was only after the TGA limited use to prescription only ( well after the Saga) that its sale for human use became illegal without a prescription . WADA encourages limiting use of WADA banned substance to prescriptions.
The current TGA court action is being taken under the TGA powers ( corresponding to ACCC consumer powers for other products) connected to false or misleading advertising. The TGA action appears to be driven in part by actions taken to circumvent its decision to limit human use to prescription only ( such as on line doctor prescription) . To my mind, on line prescriptions would seem to be more relevant to medical practice regulations.
The defence case will be interesting.


So are you saying you are assuming that all the files & devices were returned in full at some point just no idea when that was? Its just that your post seemed to indicate some specific knowledge beyond assumption. I don’t know either way & of course none of us could possibly know what was even taken let alone if & when it was all returned.


H’m I didn’t know that. I thought maybe it was on a shelf somewhere gathering dust in a safe place.
Not at the EFC. I cannot recall reading about all our files being returned by the AFL.


Clarke sent me an email and confirmed that’s what the AFL do. He wouldn’t be case specific, but that’s to be expected. I don’t see why they would hang on to the stuff.
There was nothing there that backed up the CAS decision anyway.