Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


And wasn’t there pingers found at his house once? His cousin’s??


Turnbull Hunt et al can bang on for all they are worth about the right to criticise the judiciary and the supremacy of the elected representatives legislative powers, but they allow every amendment to the WADA Code to be given effect through regulatory amendments to the ASADA Act ( not requiring Parliamentary approval) every time WADA changes its rules and which serve to extend ASADA powers, with the consequence of limiting the rights of Australian athletes.
Australia’s acceptance of WADA amendments at the UNESCO Convention Against Doping in Sport are accorded less than treaty status and hence escape proper scrutiny through the processes of the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Treaties.
We also have people such as the Australian Minister for Sport on the WADA Executive Committee rubber stamping the decisions of the so called List Experts Committee on what should be banned under the WADA Code.
Time for a review of institutional integrity.


Amendments to Regulations have to be tabled in parliament don’t they? And it it is open to the parliament to vote them down. Should we be raising this with the Greens? Even if the parliament passed them the fact that a regulatory change was challenged would get some media coverage.


The particular problem with ASADA regulations is the semi- automaticity in determining the regulations flowing from the decisions of WADA, a private international organisation subject o Swiss law. Absent the regulations, ASADA could be declared a WADA non compliant signatory.
To that extent, the Executive powers of Government under the ASADA Act have been effectively ceded to WADA.
It is suggested that there should be greater Parliamentary scrutiny, through the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties and through the Parliamentary powers of regulatory review.


If any other Australian was treated the way James continues to be treated there would be outrage.


The AFL has damaged many other lives, Dean Bailey, Danny Corcoran, Bomber, 34 players, their families, but as Gil said, it’s about the optics, never mind AFL thuggery.


Article in the Hun about the Weap working again in professional sport.

No, I’m not clicking on it, so anyone with a subscription, please feel free.


It wasn’t locked away for me. Michael Warner is the author, and credit as this is a fairly thorough explanation of what he did and how he got away with it.

DEAN “The Weapon” Robinson — one of the key architects of the Essendon drugs regime — is back working in professional sport.

The Herald Sun can reveal Robinson, who was never charged over his role in Australian sport’s greatest scandal, is consulting for the Sydney Roosters in the NRL.

Robinson’s brother, Trent, is the club’s senior coach.

An NRL spokesman said: “Dean Robinson has been given approval to be registered to work in the NRL. His registration is subject to some conditions”.

Those conditions prevent Robinson from working with sport supplements.

A Roosters official last night confirmed Robinson was working in a “consultancy role” to the club’s fitness department.

Robinson was Essendon’s high-performance boss from late 2011 until February 2013 and helped establish the Bombers’ “pharmacologically experimental” drugs program alongside sports scientist Stephen Dank.

He was stood down on February 5, 2013 — the day the Bombers “self-reported” to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and the AFL — and just days ahead of the infamous “Blackest Day in Sport” press conference.

Robinson later pocketed a $1 million wrongful dismissal payment from Essendon after issuing Supreme Court subpoenas against AFL chiefs Andrew Demetriou and Gillon McLachlan, Bombers bosses David Evans and Ian Robson and current league spin-doctor Elizabeth Lukin, who was hired by the Dons to assist with the crisis.

It was Robson, attending a crisis meeting at AFL House on February 5, 2013, who ordered Bombers football manger Danny Corcoran to immediately stand Robinson down.

Dank, who reported to Robinson, was slapped with a lifetime ban by the AFL two years ago.

ASADA has failed to explain why Robinson was never pursued over his involvement in the Essendon scandal or the alleged use of banned supplements during his time at the Gold Coast Suns.

Robinson and Dank worked together at the Suns in late 2010 before reuniting at Essendon.

Leaked transcripts from the AFL anti-doping tribunal hearings into the Essendon drugs saga reveal Robinson suggested to Suns defender Nathan Bock that he should tell a hospital pharmacy that he needed to buy syringes for his girlfriend — rather than admit that they were for him to inject substances into himself.

Robinson told ASADA investigators that Bock visited his Gold Coast home where he gave him the banned substance CJC-1295 in a green cooler bag packed with dry ice in late 2010.

Robinson claimed Dank had told him the drug was not banned and would help Bock with an Achilles injury.

Dank has since confessed to giving CJC-1295 to Bock.

Robinson and Dank teamed up at Essendon in 2011 and masterminded the Bombers’ supplements program, which later saw 34 players suspended for the use of the banned peptide, Thymosin beta-4.

The Herald Sun revealed last year that Robinson agreed to give information to ASADA investigators just days after the Bombers scandal erupted.

There was no formal agreement for immunity, but Robinson helped investigators on the basis of an “understanding”.

“It was made clear he would be looked after … but it was not guaranteed,” a source close to the investigation said.

“He provided the material that was wanted.”

Robinson later landed a job with AFL auditor, KPMG.


“Material that was wanted”. Or is that “material that was needed” to get the result they wanted?


Which included claiming he had never heard of Thymomodulin when there were Text Messages where he spoke about it which were quoted in the Interim Report.


Serious question - does ASADA have any say who professional sporting clubs hire? Considering Robinson’s role, you’d think he would be bared. I appreciate he wasn’t ‘convincted,’ but it can’t be a great look for the NRL.


The NRL has a lower threshold when it comes to the optics.


ASADA: I’m sorry, you seem to have mistaken me for someone who gives a fark.


ASADA does not have the power to suspend anyone, rather ASADA initiates the process leading to decisions by the sporting federations to suspend.
Consistent with the WADA Code, the anti-doping codes of the sporting federations bar employment of anyone found to have committed an anti- doping violation for the length of their suspension.
The federations act on findings of the ASADA Anti-Doping Rules Violation Panels of possible use. The ADRVP only acts on recommendations of the ASADA CEO, after which federation arbitration tribunals are set up to examine ASADA charges.
From the early days of the Essendon saga
the number of possible charges was touted as 34+1 (Dank) as noted by WADA in the Executive Committee minutes and in ASADA records.
Apparent that the ASADA CEO did not recommend that the ADRVP look into Robinson.


Just when you think it couldn’t be more of a farce

You could not make this up. He WAS responsible for mismanaging the supplements program and he is now working in elite sport again. FFS


Clearly got immunity for throwing everyone else under the bus. Just makes a complete farce/joke of how the system works.


Once again not full disclosure.
Danks lifetime ban has nothing to do with Essendon. He is still not guilty of giving the Essendon players TB4 as found by the AFL DrugTribunal and neither ASADA nor WADA have appealed this decision. Go figure!


Re Dank, at WADA’s request, CAS established a panel, but it was suspended, the stated reason being pending the outcome of Dank’s appeal to the AFL Tribunal. Still no action at CAS. Perhaps ASADA hasn’t stumped up the money.


And his insider evidence still wasn’t enough to let them mount a credible case! It’s almost like we weren’t doping.


That article really lays it out in pretty simple terms for the average schmoe Hun reader. This guy was on the right path, subpoena-ing all the key culprits, then got a million dollar deal plus protection to shut him up on some fronts and say what they wanted on others. Easily-manipulated ■■■■■.