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Re your query about a new book:
There is a book due out by Dan Eddy “Always Striving Moments that made Essendon Great”’, published by Slattery media. He had previously published a book on ■■■■ Reynolds.


The swear filter is an abomination.


if he never heard of beta 4 how come he knows the dosage is the same

or is that the interviewing telling him…

sorry a pure dumb moment from me


In his latest Hun report ( behind paywall) Warner asked AFL if the Weap would be welcomed back. The response was that the AFL has an accreditation and registration system comparable to NRL. No explanation of what that might be. Remember Fitzpatrick’s alleged comment to Corcoran that his mate (Hird) would not work in the AFL again?
On another note, ASADA publicises that it has a free counselling service for athletes affected by anti-doping rule violations. I wonder if any Essendon players have taken it up after ASADA has wreaked its damage.


“AFL has an accreditation and registration system…”

AFL ADT transcript p244: “… on 27 February… there is a registration of a club football official. The club is Essendon and it is Stephen Dank.”

Yep, appears to be be the same system that was used for Dank.

So the AFL approved the registration. They also knew Dank was linked to Geelong and GCS.

What and when did the actions of Dank, Robinson and GCS doctor first come to the attention of AFL?

Hmmm… 2011?

The GCS doctor should have been hauled over the coals for not notifying AFL of their actions. If he did, then where does that leave the AFL? Bruce Francis did the right thing and the AFL ignored him.

Weapon could apply for AFL job


THE AFL has left the door ajar for former Essendon fitness boss Dean Robinson to return to the game.

Yesterday’s Herald Sun revealed that Robinson, a key architect of the Bombers’ 2012 supplements program, had been re-registered to work for Sydney Roosters in the NRL in a “consultancy role’’ to the club’s fitness department.

Asked whether Robinson would be welcome to work in the AFL system again, a league spokesman said: “All club officials must be registered and approved by the AFL, and Mr Robinson would be subject to the same processes as any other person.”

Robinson, known as “The Weapon” , was never charged over his role in Australian sport’s greatest scandal, despite helping establish Essendon’s “pharmacologically experimental” injections regimen.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, which hunted down helped secure suspensions against 34 Bombers players involved in the program , said yesterday it was not required to approve Robinson’s return to top-level sport.

“The decision to register Dean Robinson is a matter entirely up to the Sydney Roosters and NRL,” an ASADA spokesman said.

“Sporting organisations do not have to seek approval from ASADA on who they employ.

“It is an employer’s responsibility to do the necessary checks to ensure the individuals they employ are fit and proper persons, and make decisions based on these checks.”

Sports scientist Stephen Dank, who reported to Robinson at Essendon, was slapped with a lifetime ban by the AFL two years ago.

A condition of Robinson’s return to the NRL is that he is not permitted to work with sports supplements.

Robinson’s brother Trent is the Roosters’ senior coach.

Robinson agreed to give information to ASADA just days after the scandal hit.

There was no formal agreement for immunity, but Robinson helped investigators on the basis of an “understanding” .

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You couldn’t make this ■■■■ up.


Wt fuark SEN said we haven’t won a Friday night match since 2006. Surely not.


LOL if it doesnt make your blood boil.

Scene: Dinner at the McLaughlin Trophy Home.

Woosha comment:

The Bombers coach joked that he wasn’t sure how much change in AFL thinking would come about because of the discussion.
Gill was in charge and he did a couple of straw polls and I think he miscounted a couple of times and it might have gone the way he wanted,” Worsfold said.

Why am I not surprised


Essendon news, eh?


Subject: Enough is enough. Resign now before it really gets messy.

Dear Mr McLachlan

Have you gone mad or is it an existing problem?

Yesterday, when asked whether former Essendon high performance coach Dean Robinson would be welcome to work in the AFL system, an AFL spokesman speaking on your behalf said: “All club officials must be registered and approved by the AFL, and Mr Robinson would be subject to the same processes as any other person.”

  1.  We know you are a liar;
  2.  We know you decided on the outcome of the ASADA/AFL joint investigation on 9 February 2013, which was four days before the investigation began;
  3.  We know you told the AFL commissioners before the investigation was completed that Essendon was guilty
  4.  We know you told the AFL commissioners before the investigation was completed what penalties would be imposed on Essendon and Hird
  5.  We know you and the Essendon board agreed that James Hird had to be the face of the scandal, despite the fact he had no legal or moral responsibility for the supplements programme;
  6.  We know the AFL defrauded Essendon of $2 million;
  7.  We know you and Andrew Demetriou insisted that important evidence be left out of the Interim Report
  8.  We know you and key ASADA officials agreed to breach the WADC by offering the Essendon players exoneration through the ‘no fault’ clause
  9.  We know the AFL pressured Essendon to settle Dean Robinson’s $1 million wrongful dismissal claim. We don’t know whether you picked up the tab.
  10. We know that Dean Robinson sold Nathan Bock the WADA banned CJC-1295 while Bock was playing for the AFL owned Gold Coast Suns. We even have the bak details of Bock’s payment to Robinson. And we have Robinson’s testimony that he showed Bock how to inject himself with CJC-1295
  11. We know that Dean Robinson was offered immunity against prosecution if he testified against Essendon, Dank and Hird.
  12. We know that Dean Robinson’s testimony was unbelievably inconsistent
  13. We know that Essendon was penalised because it allegedly didn’t check Stephen Dank and Robinson’s references.
  14. We know the AFL either registered Dank and Robinson to work at the Gold Coast Suns and Essendon or that the AFL allowed two unregistered officials to work at the Suns and Essendon.
  15. We know that you, Demetriou and Mike Fitzpatrick that you told the public that you failed to fulfil your OH&S responsibilities to the Essendon players but then cravenly denied to the Victorian WorkSafe Authority that you had any responsibility.
  16. We know that the commissions, including the Victorian Governor Linda Dessau and current AFL chairman Richard Goyder, conspired with you to deny Essendon, Hird, Danny Corcoran and Mark Thompson procedural fairness.
  17. We know that the AFL and ASADA agreed to conduct an investigation into Essendon on 1 February 2013. Which means that you and Demetriou also lied about Essendon self-reporting on 5 February 2013.
  18. We know that the commissioners, the media and the senior officials at each club don’t give a stuff about what you do and don’t give a stuff about justice. We are soon about to find out not only whether the 226 federal politicians also condone corruption and whether they should also be dumped at sea with the rest of you.
  19. We know that Robinson’s testimony about his use and trafficking of CJC-1295 is sufficient under clauses 2.7 and 2.8 of the WADA code for him to ever be allowed to work with an athlete affiliated to WADA.

Given the above incomplete list, even the village idiot on the Binet scale (on 1 April) would not have been so stupid to say: ““All club officials must be registered and approved by the AFL and Mr Robinson would be subject to the same processes as any other person.”

The NRL is mad allowing Robinson to work with the Roosters.

You must be mad to have instructed your spokesman to say “Robinson would be subject to the same processes as any other person.”

It’s to your everlasting shame that Robinson wasn’t penalised. And now you haven’t the guts to say Robinson shouldn’t even be allowed to watch AFL and NRL on television.

Surely, you can see you have no choice but to resign.

Yours sincerely
Bruce Francis


Bruce is on the money of course. If the AFL can get away with it Robinson will be back ‘consulting’ with an AFL club.


If Robinson wants back in, he knows too much to be left on the outside. Definitely not in the AFL’s interests to deny him.


Petition Update:

Did ASADA purposely and knowingly ‘look the other way’ on illegal drug use?

JUN 27, 2017 — Did ASADA pay no attention to Nathan Bock’s alleged illegal supplement use when they should have be investigating the matter impartially?

Back in April 2016, ASADA (former) chief executive Ben McDevitt, spent five days defending his organisation over its failure to pursue a prima facie case against Nathan Bock and former Gold Coast and Essendon high performance manager Dean Robinson. This was after sports scientist Stephen Dank publicly admitted to supplying the retired All-Australian defender with a banned peptide.

Eventually, ASADA relented and agreed to reopen the case.

However, a subsequent FOI request on the status of the Bock case has revealed ASADA did not appear to do much in terms of investigation at all - see attached report and note the date.

This is one of ASADA’s great mysteries. All football followers have wondered “…Why isn’t ASADA investigating Bock…?” This was as clear and convincing case of PEDs use as one could get.

Yesterday, in an article from the Herald Sun, journalist Michael Warner wrote:

"The Herald Sun revealed last year that Robinson agreed to give information to ASADA investigators just days after the Bombers scandal erupted. There was no formal agreement for immunity, but Robinson helped investigators on the basis of an “understanding”.

“It was made clear he would be looked after … but it was not guaranteed,” a source close to the investigation said.

“He provided the material that was wanted.” Robinson later landed a job with AFL auditor, KPMG."

In April 2016, Steven Amendola, Hird’s lawyer, said:

“The AFL anti-doping tribunal wasn’t even satisfied that Thymosin beta-4 left China and arrived in Australia, but it didn’t stop ASADA from encouraging and funding WADA to appeal that.

“This explanation regarding Bock should be a new entry into Don Watson’s dictionary of Weasel Words.

I hope people see the bare-faced hypocrisy of ASADA.”

Kindly support a Senate Inquiry into this whole sordid affair by adding your name/details this petition, and then ask others to support it.

If you have already supported the petition, take positive action by sending an email to the decision makers. It takes just one click or you can create your own email - go here to take postive action:

Social media sharing tips:
Use the main links (on the RHS of webpage) to share the original petition.

Use the links below this update to share this update.

For further information, contact Justice of the 34 via their Facebook page.

Thank you for your support and patience.


I couldn’t help myself emailing Mick Warner to commend him for his revealing articles about Robinson. His response was that there has been a lack of public reaction to it! It is really up to us to ensure Mick keeps his mandate to continue writing such articles, which are in the interest of transparency. I suggest the Herald Sun needs to be bombarded with emails commending it for the investigative journalism that informs the public about the dodgy practices sporting bodies use for very interesting purposes.


The lack of reaction to his articles is because everyone is focused on Houli and the MRP/Tribunal decision. He just can’t compete against that at the moment.


Walt D.‏ @MiRandB13 12h12 hours ago

Replying to @thommo33
Did certain bodies didn’t want the narrow-beamed spotlight off Hird & Essendon. Daylight would have exposed too much.
Source: Chip Le Grand.


While his reports would annoy the hell out of ASADA and the AFL, I guess it doesn’t serve to sell the paper.


Twitter is also a great way to contact Mick Warner – @heraldsunMick


Watch Michelle Payne be excused here.