Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”

  1. I don’t know but I guess it would be in the high hundreds of thousands if not higher.

  2. No, he has to post the money upfront, and would only get it back if he can overcome the entire AFL-media-judiciary conspiracy. What are the chances of getting an honest judge?


As if you couldn’t see this happen


Again? I donated the first time.


And it is not always a 100% return.


The chances of getting what kind of Judge did you say A.T? Nil, zilch, zero and any other word you can find which suits this agenda.

The AFL will ensure they run up a mighty huge expenses because they can. Then will delay, and delay and delay and stretch the case as much as they can. And; JT will be the one that foots the bill and responsible for ALL of their legal expenses. That’s why no one takes the AFL on. Then sheeple people, will misguidedly believe the AFL won the case because the other party, simply couldn’t afford to guarantee and pay the bond to pay their legal expenses.

It is the way of the “ILLUMATI or the NWO.” They, the collective, are all in it together.


Perhaps the man had a conscience but nowhere to express it. Its called selling your soul, once gone there’s no backing out. Once you are in, you are in, for life.


Guys and gals.

You can’t beat the casino.

They have tentacles in all decision making areas that could possibly bring the truth to light.

The ONLY time this can ever happen, is when all of those involved are long retired and cannot be in any way damaged
by the facts.

When they have no longer any influence on the decision makers in politics and the courts, those decision makers can rule correctly.

When they are farking dead.


Heard a whisper about an interview coming up on Footy Show in coming weeks.


“Heard” Hmmmm


Jarndyce and Jarndyce.


Eddie interviewing ‘Sarah?’


yup, need something to boost their ratings, whats the bet its dank and he’ll just sweat profusely and give non answers.


With all due respect, Eddie…


Well, def won’t be HAMILTON, Evans, Sarah, Ziggy, The Weep,


Another scandal brewing out at AFL (S.h.i.t.)house?

Lets wheel out James Hird for another diversion tactic.


Or, Bomber, who has been doing a bit of talking out loud while out and about.


The Hun and the Australian, quoting Hunt. are reporting that he has commissioned a sports integrity inquiry. According to the reports it would cover match fixing doping, offshore betting , forms of wagering and would extend to ASADA( capability and its anti- doping rules)
The inquiry would be headed by retired NSW judge Wood, who had conducted an earlier inquiry in Cycling Australia and whose recommendations on strengthening ASADA powers were accepted. Other members are Howman ( ex WADA, closely involved in the Essendon saga and now with IAAF,) and Murrihy( connected to racing NSW)
Reports, backgrounded by Hunt, refer to independent national tribunals ( as in NZ) and some puff about a potential sports ICAC. As yet I have not seen anything official from Hunt’s office.


Billallan, see article on the petition thread. What do you think?


The footage I saw had Hunt talking about players and clubs as the targets. Obviously there’s no issues with the running or oversight of any of these sports.


We need to see the official announcement, but as presented, I would agree. The inclusion of Howman on the panel suggests that there will be no questioning of CAS and WADA ( and possibly the Olympic movement) and that Howman’s NZ views on NZ structures might also hold sway . Moreover, the reference to consultation with the sports federations and IOC suggests that the attitudes of athletes and community supporters will not be considered. At the very least the AFLPA and Athletes Alliance should buy into this.
There may be some positives if there is scrutiny of ASADA integrity, but if Hunt thinks that enhanced capacity of ASADA and a National tribunal will deliver integrity, it is apparent that his views are being formed by the existing establishment and that he is blind to the fact that the integrity of the establishment bodies - at the international and domestic level- is the problem.