Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Yes, why is David Howman there at all? Talk about an unadulterated conflict of interest.

He kept saying: “I am impressed with what ASADA is doing,” when he was WADA director-general during the saga and CAS hearings.


Howman was also in place when WADA accepted that big fat Russian voluntary contribution in 2013… But I doubt that the inquiry will address institutional integrity.


Non-Olympic sports never have any imput into the WADA Code or even with local Olympic Committees - It’s a joke - This new committee seems to be window dressing as such


lets just watch them take out the bits that don’t suit the outcome in regards to us & say it was all okay …as for the rest didn’t the ACC do all that?? and look how that ended …we still have corruption & betting & drugs not holding my breath this will uncover anything like the stuff we want to see looked at seems they have already cooked the panel so they can say the findings & investigation into us was all above board


Seems Bruce is upset by Mr Hunt’s sneaky solution too. He’s sent the flowing to all federal MPs and the media:

Subject: And the award goes to Greg Hunt as our worst Sports Minister


The only people celebrating Sport Minister Greg Hunt establishing a review into the integrity of Australian sport are former sport ministers Kate Ellis, Kate Lundy, Sussan Ley and Peter Dutton. Mr Hunt’s stupidity in the way he has set up his review ensures he, and not the afore-mentioned ladies and man, will no longer be the subjects of the debate as the worst sports minister in our history.

Events of the last six years indicate that there are at least two major issues that Mr Hunt’s Terms of Reference won’t address. Inter alia:

A. The Role of the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA)

B. The Integrity of the Policemen in the anti-doping war

A. The Role of the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA)

   1.            Affiliation with WADA requires sports and sports people to accept that an overseas organisation, Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), can overrule decisions of Australian courts and tribunals

   2.            My understanding is the government refuses to fund any sport that is not affiliated to WADA. In simple terms, the athletes are blackmailed by both the government and sporting organisations such as AFL and Cricket Australia to being affiliated to WADA.

   3.            Non-Olympic sports such as Australia Football, Cricket and Rugby League  are opposed to WADA having the power to overrule Australian court/tribunal decisions

   4.            I am told eight hundred plus AFL players are opposed to being affiliated to WADA

   5.            The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will have the power to overrule decisions by Mr Hunt’s mooted National Sports Integrity Commission

   6.            Mr Hunt’s decision to appoint former WADA director-general David Howman to the Review Panel is akin to appointing a husband’s mother-in-law to decide the rules of his marriage. It is impossible to imagine a more stupid decision by the minister. Inter alia:

                 i.            It is impossible for Howman to be objective in assessing not only the misconduct of WADA during the Essendon saga, but the appropriateness of Australian sporting organisations and sports people being affiliated to it.

               ii.            Howman is on-the-nose because he appealed to the CAS against the AFL Anti-Doping tribunal not guilty decision for the 34 Essendon players.

              iii.            Howman was informed that WADA not only used evidence collected in a corrupted ASADA investigation but that it changed evidence, perjured itself and omitted exculpatory evidence which supported the players, but he did nothing about it.

             iv.            Howman’s judgement is so poor he laughingly appointed the AFL’s integrity officer Brett Clothier to an inappropriately named international athletics integrity organisation. Although the media never had the guts to report it, Clothier was given access to all ASADA’s witness statements and then he sent an email, as evidence, to the ASADA’s investigators, which was very damaging to Hird. His claim in the email was not true.

               v.            Although Howman was given irrefutable evidence that the Court of Arbitration for Sport hearing was corrupted and that the members were inept and biased, he did nothing about it.

B. The Integrity of the Policemen

The integrity of Australia sport involves two sides – one, those organisations fulfilling the role of the policemen, and second, the sports people. Inexplicably, Mr Hunt appears to condone widespread corruption/misconduct/ineptness/bias/apathy by the various policemen – the organisations such as ASADA; WADA; CAS; the Commonwealth Ombudsman; the Australian Sports Commission; the Victorian WorkPlace Authority; the Senate Community Affairs Committee led by Senator Duniam and 225 federal politicians. I have supplied irrefutable evidence to support those allegations.


Mr Hunt is guilty of sheer stupidity in appointing Howman to the review panel. He is guilty of sheer bastardry in creating a Claytons review instead of establishing a Royal Commission. There are hundreds of allegations of impropriety that need to be investigated that won’t be investigated in his Micky Mouse review. These are the same allegations that Mr Hunt lied about when he claimed that all my allegations had been investigated by the courts.


Bruce Francis


This is what you do when you feel the heat approaching. You take the initiative and run a sham integrity audit. It’s the perfect cover-up.


I’m pretty sure these politicians watch Utopia to get their ideas. laughable.


The media release is now up on Hiunt’s site.
It refers to two adjunct panelists: Stetright, nominated by the Coalition of Major and Professional Sports and Bennett, nominated by the AOC, APC and Commonwealth Games Australia.
The Coalition of Major Sports body represents all the major sports ( including AFL). Malcolm Speed is its CEO. Bennett is a CAS arbitrator and IIRC was involved in the NRL Tribunal on Cronulla.
The media release refers to consultation with sporting codes and relevant stakeholders ( whoever that might be.)
The period for submissions has been extended to 31 August.


Maybe Blitz should do a submission. Supporters group.


Sorry, the closing date for submissions is 25 August, to be submitted to
[email protected]


Not exactly relevant but Wayne Carey just went off on TF about how pain killing injections should be regarded as performance enhancing, admitted that he regrets taking so much, players need to be protected from themselves, Essendon players were never convicted of anything but copped everything they did, players get done for energy drinks, we talk about concussions but we don’t talk about players getting jabbed every week just to get on the training track etc etc. It was pretty explosive as these things go.


In what occupation other than sport does the governing body prohibit the use of supplements which may have beneficial health effects designed to protect or provide faster healing to the employee from an occupational injury. - yet permits intervention to enable the employee to perform , with longer term adverse health effects?


The AFL ignored the AMA 14 years ago.
Did the AMA follow up?
Did the AFLPA step in?
Players on their own?

"Warning to AFL on pain killers"
"By Karen Lyon, September 30, 2003, The Age

"The Australian Medical Association has called for the AFL to review its policy on the use of pain-killing injections by clubs after revelations that Brisbane used up to 18 vials of drugs to ease the pain of players during Saturday’s premiership victory.

"Doctors warned yesterday that masking pain could lead to further, more serious damage to players who take to the field while injured.

"The AMA’s Victorian vice-president, Chris Merry, said the league should review the section of its drug code dealing with pain-killers.

"Concern has focused on midfielder Nigel Lappin, who was revealed after the game to have suffered a punctured lung.

“He had quite serious injuries going into that game and the treatment that he had masked the pain that would have been associated with those injuries,” Dr Merry told Channel Ten. “Our concern is that he could have suffered a serious, even life-threatening lung collapse.”

Etc, etc…


One where getting on the park brings in money, regardless of the employee welfare.


One thing I like about Carey is that he will speak his mind. The other week he was saying how Dusty would get off because he is a chance for the brownlow and the AFL wont want him suspended. The other muppets shot him down, but at least he speaks his mind. Only one with a backbone.


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I’d say re-runs of Yes Minister




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Yet another instance of the fox guarding the hen house.