Spec/changes for Freo game - Sat 24th June 7.25pm @ Optus (in Perth)

After what was a season defining win against the Blues we have some selection headaches with a few senior players likely ready to go for this game - namely Parish, Shiel & Kelly…
But who makes way? We also have Bryan and Baldwin in ripping form in the reserves, and young guns Davey, Cox & Tsatas who will no doubt feature at some stage in leading into this 2nd half of the season…
Freo are always tough over in Perth - and their season is on the line as they push for a top 8 position. But we, my friends, are pushing for a top 4 spot…!!!
Early call I will go;-

No Change…!!


Ridley Zerk McGrath
Heppell Lav Redman
Martin Caldwell Durham
Stringer Langford Guelfi
Weideman 2MP Menzie

Draper Hobbs Merrett

Bench: Parkins Snelling Hind Phillips
SUB: Baldwin

Let Shiel and Parish have another week off to ensure they are fully fit and right to go as we push for finals


IN Shiel & Parish
OUT Mass, Hind, Snelling

sub Hind
Snelling very unlucky.
Weed gets 2-3 more games to turn his form around.


Good changes - Snelling and Hind both contributed against the Blues though so would be stiff…

One change only for the Freo game:
OUT: Massimo - needs some full games after being SUB for a few weeks
IN: Parish if fully fit. Gives us that extra punch around the midfield and takes a bit of attention off Merrett.
Weideman perhaps should be replaced - maybe by Baldwin, but maybe give Weid a couple more games, but if he doesn’t pick up then competition for spots will force him out as ones like Tsatas, Setterfield, Bryan and Hunter etc put pressure on to come into the AFL team.


I think Weideman stays in - he provided many leads into space against Carlton - which in turn opened up space for 2MP. 2MP said as much after the game, and said that he loves playing with big Sam…


I’ll wait for after the MRP give their findings later today before making any predictions.

Potentially some annoying news heading our way…

Mass is susceptible due to being sub the last few weeks.
Weed stays in but will want to put in a better performance in the coming weeks. He didn’t take limited opportunities last night.
No guarantee Parish or Shiel will be fit!?
Kelly plays vfl again for mine.
Did Phillips grab a hammy late (last 30sec) or was it just cramp or a knock in the marking contest? Might have to check the tape on that one!
Selection is hotting up! :muscle:

In: Parish Bryan
Out: Mass Phillips (if inj)
Sub: ?

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In regards to which player/s?

The captain.

And potentially Stringer but that one is more unlikely than Merrett. We’ll see. :crossed_fingers:t4:

Give Draper a couple of weeks off to get over his niggle and bring Bryan in.

I didn’t see the incidents were they “dangerous tackles”?

Probably not “dangerous” but potentially clumsy?

We know they are red hot on it right now so anything could happen.

The MRP will conveniently time their announcement to coincide with Half Time or Three Quarter Time of the King’s Birthday game today so the media nuffs have content to talk about.


Vale the review thread?

Assuming no one is out:

  • Snelling out for Parish is the easy one. Perkins moves back to half forward

  • I would prefer to keep playing Caldwell and Hobbs in the midfield over Shiel. So I wouldn’t rush him in (not sure where he even fits now)

  • Bryan would be close to playing


Knowing the MRO . Reckon Zach and guelfi will be in trouble

You have Snelling as the easy one to put out. Not his best game - he only had 14 disposals, 6 tackles and kicked a goal, but that was better than Guelfi. Why wouldn’t you put him out? He only had 14 disposals, 1 tackle and a goal. So Snelling applied 6x the pressure and you want him dropped as the easy one to drop?


Don’t change unless there are injuries. Hopefully none of those either.

In absence of a review thread, I’ll ask it here, and apologies if it has been asked and answered elsewhere. Does anyone have any insight into why there were only 10 or so of the 93 premiership side there last night? Was there more there but only 10 in the photo? Seems odd to only have half the side there- assume it has been organised for a while. Thanks.

Snelling was definitely better last night, but I have Guelfi as much better in a pure small forward role than Snelling. Snell plays higher up the ground

All I’m thinking about is Walters and how many free kicks he can milk for staging. McGrath to wear him like a glove.