[spec] on changes for the Eagles - 2020 round 15

The game is on Tuesday and it’s not in WA. The question is, Should we rest Joe? I don’t want a repeat of last year, so unfortunately, yes!

Out: Joe D (rested), Snelling (rested), Ham (omitted), Zerk (Omitted)

In: Draper, McKenna, Hibberd, Hurley


Hooker forward.
Joe Dan stays in.
Draper for Phillips, just a better match up against Nic Nat. Phillips didn’t paly badly, but playing both of them would make us too top heavy.
McKenna in - Ham out to the gym to start training for 2021.

Snelling rested/managed for Townsend in. Both provide pressure in te F50, but Townsend tackles with more intent and is more inclined to kick a goal or few.


Just watched it again, and the WCE game, and thinking Phillips would still be handy. He was just so instrumental at getting the ball on the inside to the outside, so many little things that turned the tide.

You can’t be topheavy against the Flatracks they have very big bodies and can outbull most sides, and when they beat us it’s in the air. We have our big bodies back and they’re all starting to pop up. Stewart really impressed tonight too.

Agree about Snelling and Ham, Zerk needs more footy, but seemed cooked at times. Yet he beat McEvoy in the air when game was on the line. And that was with only 2 min to go, before the last 2 goals. Can only get better


Joe Dan rested is a must. Four day turnaround.

Surely, we’ve learned just this one thing.


Agree, we’d be beyond stupid to play him.

Joe Dan makes that IMO…didn’t ruck tonight, took it very easy in the 1st half.

We need him…just no more ruck duties for a while


ironically I think the lack of ball in the 1st half MIGHT allow Joe to saddle up again on Tues.

If Kennedy doesn’t play,and Hooker can stay forward?

We can actually win this.

Out- Ham

In: McKenna

Maybe Phillips for Draper.
But Nic Nat will most likely win both duels.
So let Phillips fight like a rabid dog for this last game
and let Drapes see out the year.

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Barring any stupid suspensions that were missed on the coverage and injuries…

Out: Joe (managed), Ham, Zerk/Hooker (managed)
In: Draper, McKenna, Hurley

Don’t really want to pick McKenna, his form stinks and he’s clearly checked out. But Ham looks a fair way off it at the moment, very easily pushed off the ball yesterday.

Eagles gonna be without Kennedy you’d think, given the short turnaround from a concussion.

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Rocking up from the first bounce would be nice for a change.

Also we better not get margetts this match


Looks like Kennedy will miss the game with concussion, we could roll them i reckon

I would go as far as to say that for the sake of Joe, he rarely takes ruck duties going forward unless completely necessary.

Hopefully at some point Jones can come in and be the guy that covers that load.

If one things for certain, dropping a 22 year old KPD every second game will set him him up very well for the future.

What was Hurley’s issue anyway? Is he actually injured or just managed?

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Jono Brown trying to get Smith suspended for the clumsy stupid trip on Gunstan late yesterday. Definitely something there but inclined to think maybe it’s just a fine. Find out soon enough I guess.

Both intentional & careless options, as low impact / body assessment only relate to a fine so hopefully he’s all good. He doesn’t even pretend to fall himself just sort of slides after to his knees and admire his work. Very silly, but it’s not really a karate kick either.

Hard to gauge how they will go with JD. He played 80% TOG but also ball was barely in his area in first half. (Hooker 88%, Stewart 70%). Relative to how he pulls up I guess the call gets made.

I think we are more likely to knock over WC also on the same shorter break and without Kennedy and possible a rested NicNat (or at least gassed) than we are Geelong who also have a bye so will be fresh. Maybe JD plays and then is out for the Cats, the 3rd game in short succession too much.

The 3 tall fwd’s helped nullify Hawks intercept ability which is also WC strength so surely we try it again and it also allows JD to be rotated more. And it makes our mid’s move ball quickly fwd.

IN: Draper, Hurley, McKenna… Heppell?
OUT: Phillips, Gleeson/Redman, Ham … Clarke?

B: Saad ZerkThat Ridley
HB: Smith Hurley McKenna
C: Guelfi McGrath Langford
HF: Stewart Daniher TIPPA
F: Mosquito Hooker Stringer
R: Draper Shiel Zerrett

B: Heppell? Parish Snelling Redman/Gleeson

They could also bring Smack back in for fwd/ruck, Hooker to defence & Zerk out.

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Dont forget the 247 replays of Redmans bump

2 weeks by media

Actually don’t remember it…



Daniher only played 80% game time, stewart 70% and hooker 88%. Those are all quite low for kps. Hartley played 100%

McKenna in for ham

Draper in for Phillips though gee that’s tough on Phillips,

Hurls for guelfi or Gleeson

Saad zerk Ridley
Redman hurls smith

Merret parish Langford
Draper McGrath Shiel

Snelling jd tippa
Moz hooker stringer

Gleeson Clarke McKenna Stewart


Agreed thats tough on phillips he played so well! We need to get draper a win tho

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