Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


After such a solid performance the changes really are obvious aren’t they?

In: Myers
Out: Clarke


out: midfield parish
in: hff parish


Time for Franga to get some touch in the twos
Hopefully raz and Shiel not far off and available for the hawks


Out: Francis, Zaka
In: Ridley, Mo22ie


Yeh agree actually, bring Mozzie against the carnts that didn’t want him


In: Shiel, Stringer, Fantasia
Out: Baguley, Begley, Zaharakis




Agree. Surely we can do better than McNeice?


Dylan Shlel in the VFL for you?

In Shiel, Fantasia, Brown or Stringer if fit (unlikely)
Out Begley, Francis, Zaharakis


Him and Ridley were great today, not far off I wouldn’t have thought


That sort of day, I forgot about him! lol


Surely Ridley could fit in the team in place of McNeice. I know he’s a touch tall but McNeice doesn’t exactly have pace to burn


The cavalry is coming

I’m not convinced Stringer will be right to go but on the assumption he is

OUT: Francis, Begley, McNeice… LAV/Bags
IN: Brown, Fantasia, Shiel… Stringer

McGrath drops back into defensive group


lav did more for mine than bags.


Maybe but he also was essentially playing the Stringer role as the 3rd marking target.

They need to be mindful of ensuring enough ground level players. But it is also under the roof so could get away with it.

And Woosh openly said a few weeks back they want to try a different mix with Bags out for Lav so it may be persisted with.


i’d even say lav offers more for ground balls that bags.


Stop discussing this seriously guys I really just wanted to make a stupid joke


you’re not djr, and the vfl’s already played.

check mate ■■■■.


One week at a time … changes for the bye first


DJR can cry me a Sarah Michelle Gellar river (gif)