Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


Has to go change the thread title, of course.

First there’s speculation.

Second there’s wondering about the location.

Third there are actual changes.


Out: team
In: resting




In: Shiel, Stringer, Fantasia, Ridley
Out: Baguley, Begley, Francis, McNeice



I thought Fridge was OK. Still finding his feet after a long absence, but is a dangerous player and adds a dynamic up forward. I’d kept him in over Bags (personally).

Lav was our best forward today. Surely, he stays in?

In: Raz, Shiel

Out: Bags, McNiece


That’s not her!

Who are you and what have you done with DJR


Eat my balls mate


Agreed with those changes. Though maybe Stringer will be available for the week after?

On the Hawks side, guess we’ll find out about Sicily tomorrow? Would be a massive out.

How’s Stewart going btw? He’s supposed to be available shortly but guessing he’ll have to play a few games out in the VFL?


Your attack and my response:


Donald Sutherland is cool, I’ll allow it


I don’t get why why everyone is so quick to want to drop Bags. Personally I think we look a better team when he’s in. Adds hardness and experience, and generally gets a goal and assist or two. Stays in for mine.


he can’t throw a knife though, nice edit because i doubt his throw went anywhere near the other person


Three posters dropping Zaka? Wasn’t stellar but for bombers had most metres gained and equal second contested possessions with low (2) turnovers. Name your price on an even money bet about him getting dropped…


What does a good knife throw look like? Remind me never to cross you IT


Agreed, bags goes back to VFL never too return


For starters you don’t throw it over, you throw it under, more control and power.


Not as cool though


Out - Zaha - might have got 25 touches but efficiency was low and he was beaten too many times one on one - needs to get some confidence back in VFL
Out - Ambrose - I know many in the Blitz like him but really 6 disposals and 1 tackle on a wet day just isn’t enough against the bottom team on the ladder…particularly as getting less than 10 disposals is the norm for him
Out- Francis - 8 disposals and only 2 tackles - leaps but misses the mark too often- too slow
Out - McNiece - only because room needs to be made - got 16 disposals- improving

In: Shiel, Raz, Stringer, Mozz


In Myers out d Clarke :clown_face: