Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


Brown has missed a fair chunk of footy, having only played one fairly uninspiring VFL game in the past 5 weeks due to that wrist injury.

At his best, he’s definitely a better forward than Francis. But I’d like to see him produce at least one solid showing in the VFL first. Gonna be tough though, with both our AFL and VFL sides having the bye this weekend.


NO, it comes down to you not understanding how to win football games.

I urge you again, go and see what Gunston did to us last year in a game we lost by 4 points to the Hawks (in which Ambrose did not play due to injury).

I will guarantee you 2 things…

  1. Ambrose will be on Gunston for the majority of the game.
    2.His stats and influence will not approach what he produced last year.


Ambrose is a shut down defender, not a midfield tagger…
Worth not measured by disposal. A key part to our defence if we want to win


This guy does not get it.


This guy gets it.


He was surely taking the absolute ■■■■.


Bizarre statement


You do realise that % also uses Points For as well? The defence is not the issue, it’s the attack. Think only Melbourne and GWS have scored over 100 against us.

We need to get more goals from our mids and more accurate kicking from our forwards.


I think Francis deserves at least one more crack at the forward role in normal dry conditions before he’s dropped for Brown. Brown has been very solid for us recently but he’s not that good of a player that you rush him into the seniors like we did with Hooker. Brown needs to play a good game of VFL to be considered IMO.


Dear coaches,

Please don’t waste the opportunity to have Shiel and Shiels go head to head,



Richardson described Shiel as “almost certanty” and Stringer as “likely” for Hawthorn. Raz less definitive, sounds like he’ll miss.


This will be the WCE game of last year, All over halfway through the 2nd.


The extra S is for “Subordinate”


What a game

Interestingly we had all of Tippa, Raz, Bags & Green playing. Plus Smith who kicked 3.

Fwd pressure galore


What many people don’t realize is that defense is linked to offense. When we score heavily, we concede heavily and vise versa. When it clicks for a team, the balance of defense and offense is a beautiful thing to watch (see bulldogs in September 2016). That’s generally the team that wins the flag.


Yes, but #frekickbulldogs helped most.


And West Coast utterly squibbed it.


So brave.


This is a mid season final.

Go 5-7 with Eagles away and Giants to follow… season would almost be done and dusted


Sorry @choppsuey. It wasn’t you. My mistake.