Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


Totally agree. We somehow need to win 2 out of these 3 games. Can’t really see it happening though


In : Shiel, raz, Gleeson, Ridley.
Out: mcniece, Baguley, zaka, Francis,

Assuming stringer not ready. But they never drop zaka. He is starting to become a liability though.


I love that we can debate about who is in our best 22 each week. It doesn’t seem very long ago that our best 22 was obvious and there was little debate, because our depth dropped off rapidly.

There are advantages and disadvantages of almost every possible swap that has been discussed in this thread.

I am not as keen to drop Francis as some are. His stats aren’t the best when he is playing forward, because taking those beautiful marks that he can, is harder in the forward line when the long ball is under defensive pressure. For a big, key position player, I love watching Francis move. The way he can leap. The way he can take off in unexpected directions when he lands. His ability to lower the eyes and hit a target is something we often lack going inside 50. Not all his acts show up on the stats. He often taps the ball to advantage and makes good choices with his disposals that open the forward line up, and will almost always deliver to a closer player when they are free, rather than blaze away at goal. Brown at his best (which he may not be yet) probably offers more in terms of his running game, marks up the wing coming out of defence, as well as leading to the ball inside 50 and spreading the opposition defence. But if continuing to play Francis means that he gains the necessary experience faster, and stays in for the next 10 years, then risking losing a couple of extra games along the way might be a good choice.

Obviously the selection committee would have access to more information about where each player is at than we do, but even then, I’m sure it’s not an easy choice. And with the talent yet to play in senior footy, I’m hoping there is even more debate about our best 22 in the next few years.

We have to find positions for Raz, Stringer and Shiel if fit. Raz offers so much pressure to our forward line, as well as speed through the midfield later in games. It would be great if we could keep him injury free.

I’d have Ridley back in a heartbeat. His disposal is so clean. He is all class. Never seems hurried. But as mentioned, it looks like they are giving him midfield minutes in the VFL and adding something to his game.

It would be something special to unleash Mozzie on the Hawks, and he would add a spark to the offence.

We came very close to beating the Hawks last time we played, and they are missing as many key players as we are. I’m looking forward to a good game.


I’m heading home tomorrow for a couple of months, I don’t care who they bring in as long as I can see a win!




If we beat the hawks we are still a chance to make finals even if we lose the following two.

If we go 2/3 in the next three weeks IMO we’ll make finals with 12 wins.

Edit : Lose to the hawks and the season is over as they’ll take our spot


And if we lose to the hawks but win the following 2?




Wasn’t particularly saying its a chance just proposing a different scenario toward our finals chances


Good for us to get a win there.

Richmond have Ellis and Astbury out tomorrow night.

Would be good to start closing the gap between those teams 5-8 right now.


Will be referred to as a “Line in the Sand” game by Wednesday next week, the sad thing is that it’s probably true.


So hard to get a read on Essendon. Discounting GWS… of the 5 losses their worst was 31 points to the top team and 3 by a total of 20 points. Realistically, there’s no finals this year BUT for the love of - you know who - there needs to be tangible signs of progress. That being said, Essendon MUST beat Hawthorn (without Mitchell, McEvoy, Wingard, Birchall, Scrimshaw - all best 22 + Schoenmaker who can be good on his day). If Shiel’s observations that Essendon are winning against teams positioned around them, this SHOULD be a win. If they could do a Lions/North type number on Hawthorn that would be something of substance.




No idea what will happen in this game - Hawthorn are very much hit and miss - Their game style works early on and they take home the chocolates - EFC is similar, though probably a bit more consistent from week to week.


One is a midfielder, the other is a defender.
His job is to literally defend.


What’s Peter Dutton got to do with this?

Do you think he will arrange — and then deny — a raid by the AFP?


Anyone think there be any problem with walk up tickets for the game?


I wouldn’t think so. Neither team is in the 8 and even if 75k rock up there’d still be tickets available.
Might have to line up a while for them though if you’re not early.


If we deserve to play finals there shouldn’t be any excuses for not winning this game. Both teams coming off the bye, some quality players to return, and we can’t afford to drop hardly any games from here especially against teams we are fighting for spots.
Normally I’d be hesitant to bring in 3 players coming off injury breaks but Sheil Raz and Stringer are automatic.
Having said that we should win even if none come back in.


How would you get 75k into Marvel?