Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


“trained on the weekend and needs to tick more boxes to be available on Friday night”


Yeah I still reckon that is pretty positive based on similar quotes in the past


Quotes in isolation can be misleading, he did sound a bit more positive in the presser.



As if Dylan Clarke doesn’t line up on JOM Friday night, after keeping one of the best inside mids I’ve ever seen to 11 disposals.

You’re fooling no one Woosha !


Raz is just too important and I doubt they risk him. Even if they think he is just right they will give another week. Quads are notoriously bad injuries.

Rapt that Shiel and Stringer good to go


Still reckon Fanta will play, and Stringer won’t.


Not saying that he should play, but based on his radio interview 10days ago, and his ability to play thru some duress, I think he will play.

Sounds like a strain at the very low grade, so 20 days between games deemed sufficient recuperation.


Watched him running recently, and seemed proppy.


Absolutely no doubt Clarke can play as a ball winning mid. He was averaging mid 30s last year until most other VFL clubs started tagging him.
A spot has to be made for him, at least for this week. Surely he takes Myers place in the side on a permanent basis now if he backs up last weeks game.?


Stringer? Reckon he always looks proppy.


Yeah, he does. He has a strange gait. Not what I’m talking about, though. Look - just speculation - I reckon he needs another week, based on watching him do high knee-lifts and short sprints.


Anytime I see Stringer run, it reminds me of a book I used to read to my kids:



Fair enough. Reckon banking on one of the 3 missing this week is a safe bet.


Is Brown available?




Hmmm well if there is any doubt or risk for Fantasia, might be best to hold off on him for the West Coast game. Bringing Brown in as a forward option would help a lot.

Or would it be risky for Fantasia’s first game back to be on the dodgy Optus ground?


Get them in: Dylan Shiel , Orazio Fantasia and Jake Stringer are expected back this week against Hawthorn after overcoming their respective soft-tissue injuries. Martin Gleeson also played his best VFL game of the year last week so is getting close to his first AFL game since 2017.

Under the pump: Dylan Clarke was very good against Carlton in his return to the senior side, but coach John Worsfold couldn’t guarantee the midfielder a spot against the Hawks with other players returning. Ben McNiece and Mark Baguley are others who could be on the fringe.

Medical room: Essendon is starting to get a better run with injury, and its bye last week came at a good time.

Verdict: Three certain ins if fitness permits means there’ll be a couple of unlucky players. Aaron Francis is another who could make way for Stringer after only two kicks against the Blues


I’m expecting Raz, Shiel and Stringer to come back in.

Out will be McNiece, Baguley and Begley. (I was Begley to stay in but can’t thing of anyone else they’d drop).


B: Hurley . Ambrose . Redman

HB: McKenna . Hooker . Saad

C: Zaharakis . Heppell . Shiel

HF: Brown . Stringer . Fantasia

F: Laverde . McKernan . Tipungwuti

Foll: Bellchambers . Parish . Merrett

I/C: Clarke . Guelfi . Langford . McGrath

Out: Baguley, Begley, Francis & McNiece


Pretty much what i was thinking.