Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


Off topic but some of the games against Port recently have been among our best. We virtually destroyed the careers of players like Hombsch, jonas and Hartlett as we laid their defence to waste.


With Ryder playing as well


Jonas is their Captain (co-captain) and was in the All-australian squad last year. Would have made the team if not for injury, the way he was playing. Very good player. Not sure you’ve got that one right.


Give everyone ant-man suits?


Yeah, but maybe he’s playing his role.


Big chance to win this game so select right Worsfold!

Also Vardy and Rioli out for following week big chance there too…

Bring in Moz and show Hawks what they missed out on.


McNeice stays earned his spot for now

Bags drop he is in the Myers category now Fanta is back.

Zaka the same. Not required at senior level.


You are correct. The one i am thinking of was Jasper Pittard, not Jonas. But I think in both those games we terrorised every one of their back 6


His role is too kick goals as a forward he isn’t doing that because he isn’t a forward, he is an AA backman in the making play him there.


Who does he replace there? The 2xAA, the 1xAA or the player that has won the most 1:1 contests against an opponent all season? Perhaps he takes Saad or Mckennas role?

Unfortunately for Francis, he either needs to wait his turn in the back line, or play a role up forward which is not all about kicking goals. It’s about providing a contest and applying pressure.


stats pedant: lost the least number, not won the most. ie: some would be halved contests.


If Francis is selected as a forward, Hawthorn will put Sicily on him and Sicily will try to run off him every chance he gets. This is going to be tough.


But the flip side is that Hawthorn then has to cover Smack and hopefully Stringer which should allow at least one to get off the chain.
Actually having Francis lead high to the flanks regularly would also draw Sicily away from the central contests. Not good for Franga’s stats but good for the team.
If Sicily let’s him go we need to honour the Francis leads- he’s a very dangerous user of the ball given time and space to hit up other forwards.


This Hawthorne team would be bottom 3 without super coach Clarkson, If they have us clamped down early I really hope we see John and the coaches throw something different at them.


You’re kidding right?

John doesnt have anything to throw


He tagged so he’s starting to change it up.


Oh well give Francis a big task…he might surprise us.
Clarke did last week.
I would love to see Clarkson punch the plaster in the coaches box this week.


Francis makes way this week if worsfold is fair dinkum with matchups, I’d be absolutely livid if Clarke is dropped after he’s performance, no doubt this place would erupt if Franga put a game like that together and than to be dropped the following week. Have to reward the blokes playing well. Stays in for mine.
Begs, mcniece and Franga make way this week
Fanta, stringer Shiel in’s :ok_hand:


Stringer and Shiel expected to return. Fantasia likely to miss by the sounds of it.


I reckon Fantasia was more than 50/50 to play whereas other 2 are certainties