Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


Plus Brown

Agreed on Raz


You should have seen Raz run down Shiel at training today.


Who’s concert?


Because Woosha is fooling everyone having Walla picked at CHF every week.

Or my personal favourite with Myers in a back pocket.


In: Stringer, Shiel, Mosquito
Out: Francis, mcneice, Begley

B: Hurley . Ambrose . Redman

HB: McKenna . Hooker . Saad

C: Zaharakis . Heppell . Shiel

HF: Laverde . Stringer . Langford

F: Mosquito McKernan . Mcdonald-Tipungwuti

Foll: Bellchambers . Parish . Merrett

I/C: Clarke . Guelfi McGrath Baguley

Emg: Francis, Gleeson, Brown


Was Raz kicking the ball without restrictions/holding back?


Channel 7 news- Raz mowed down Shiel at full tilt and executed the perfect tackle.
Lots of strain on that dodgy quad.


You have Gleeson for Baguley too.

To my mind, there’s very little chance of either Gleeson or Mozzie coming in when there are guys coming back in.

Doubt that either has done anywhere near enough either.


I know we don’t have the best luck with milestone games for our players and coach.

What about umpire milestones?


Yeah just saw it myself too.
Running not the issue with a quad, it’s kicking with full power.


Great tackle too.


Psychedelic ■■■■ Crumpets at the Croxton! Should be a ripper.


Croxton hotel in Thornbury?


about 25 sec mark


That would be the one.


With all due respect to the artist/band or themed evening (Croxton over 40’) i’d be comfortable ditching an evening at the Croxton for Essendon v Hawks.


IN: Stringer, Shiel, Brown, Fantasia
OUT: Frang, McNiece, Bags, Begs


I tend to agree, but none of those replacements are back men. I guess McNeice was playing off the bench, so McG or Heppel could cover his minutes back there.
Laverde could get the chop instead of bags too.


Considering our defence is much better than our forward line has been, the ins would compensate for the loss of one small defender who is “marginal” although he is playing reasonably well. Hawthorn are not like Richmond, in terms of small forwards.


This is good stuff. My GFs old man is a Hawks supporter and he’s convinced that Ray absolutely hates them. Let’s hope he’s right.