Speculation about changes v Free Kick Hawthorn


How many other umps does he think hate Hawthorn, I fear he may need to see a doctor.


Some Essendon fans think Chamberlain is against us.
All Essendon fans know Nicholls is against us.


Nope, just ray.


And Dean Margetts. I don’t have a problem with Razor.


I actually like Razor. I think he’s a pretty good ump and I don’t mind his banter. When they air it, he seems to explain things pretty clearly.


with Razor Ray we can actually expect to get fair frees paid, but might be a few more each way, but maybe thats because other umps choose not to pay frees.


Given that it looks like there will be a midfielder coming in (Shiel) and not one getting dropped do we reckon McGrath drops back to defence to take McNeice’s spot (who should get dropped)?

I think we can all agree that we want Parish and D. Clarke to get the same midfield minutes this week as the game against Carlton but with Shiel coming in for a non-mid there is less opportunity unless McGrath drops back


That’s the most logical idea, therefor wont happen.


who has a fax nowadays?


Makes sense. I 'd like to see McGrath get more midfield minutes soon… don’t want him to be an expensive (No 1 pick) half back/back pocket for much longer.


Don’t trash Nicholls on here you may get evicted from bomberblitz


I wouldn’t be looking to make wholesale changes…but I’m not Worsfold.

I also would not bring Fantasia back if we think he is ready - last time we thought he was ready he did his quad with his first kick. I would want to be 200% certain he is “right to go”. Especially as it’s only a 6 day break and a long flight to WA for the next game.

Judging from his comments I expect Worsfold doesn’t care how well a younger player has played - if a more experienced player becomes available they need to make way for that experienced player.

Surely, the exception to this will be Dylan Clarke - he has to stay in on his last performance - nothing short of outstanding - and do the same job on O’Meara he did on Cripps with hopefully the same outcome which would get us 90% of the way to winning the game.

If Shiel, Stringer and Fantasia truly are available.

Clarke aside, who is most at risk? McNiece, Begley, Francis, Laverde and surely Baguley who, whist not in the “young” category is not in good form and has been dropped a couple of times this year already.

To me, it looks like Worsfold will do the following:

  1. Stringer - would be in for either Francis or Laverde neither of who deserves to be dropped. As a complete guess Laverde as Francis provides the option of playing as a tall, mobile defender if required.
  2. Fanatsia - would drop Baguley before Begley. Begley has 10 years ahead of him and the more games he plays, the more quickly he will regain touch.
  3. Shiel - a harder choice given Dylan Clarke must stay. I see McNiece making way with McGrath or McKenna moving back to a small defender role.


Selection will be very difficult but I would be very disappointed as I’m sure most would be of Clarke was dropped. He’s done the hard yards and now needs a crack at senior footy.

I would retain Baguley over Begley though.

Baguley is in my opinion more suited to that small forward role than Begley and is also better performed.

I would give Begley a couple of weeks in the VFL playing midfield so he can get some leather poisoning and get his confidence up.

The small forward role in the AFL is a very unforgiving role and wouldn’t be doing his confidence much good at the moment.


I think Francis would be very fortunate not to get dropped with players returning.


In last year’s game, McKenna played on Poppy.
Conor had 18 disp., Puopolo only 11.

Oh, nearly forgot, 1 of them kicked 2 goals also, and it wasn’t Poppy !


As Woosh indicated …

With that in mind Begley is out before Baguley. Whatever he may do in the future for us irrelevant to the now & best chance to win the game. As per Francis and Brown.

Assuming Raz gets up …

OUT: Francis, Begley, McNeice… Lav/Bags
IN: Brown, Stringer, Shiel… Fantasia

Clarke stays in. McGrath (or Guelfi) into 7th def.

It’s tight for spots with majority of squad fit


Francis, Begley and Baguely seem most likely outs for Shiel, Stringer, Fantasia.

I think that should push Zaka to HFF.


You’d think Fantasia will be given another week.


I’ve got my own show on on Fridee, still gonna squeeze in the footy :crazy_face:


Brown hasn’t played much recently, so even though I love the diligent, hard-working way he goes about his footy, he may need a game in the VFL first.

Fantasia may need another week before he comes back.

Thrilled if both Shiel and Stringer are fit and raring to go.

IN: Two S’s.
OUT: Two B’s.