Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July

ZClarke, nup. We’ll get murdered with Norf just getting too much first use of the ball. Gotta do something, maybe even Hartley.

Rest, baring any injuries, no changes.

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no room for Hep?

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In beef ■■■■■ lock

Yes room for Hepp, forgot about that. Langford out, Hepp in.

Forgive me for such forgetfulness, but after my time at the footy today, I would like to forget some things.

I could forget it all and be content seeing we got the 4 points.

If Hep is right he comes straight back in. Bring in anyone that will allow Hooker to play forward. We have played our best footy last 2 weeks when he is forward. Instead of moving him forward when we look like we might loose how about starting hooks forward and moving him back if we need him. Would be worth a try. I’ve had a few beers so disregard post if it doesn’t make sense


15:15 tomorrow…


Give or take 5 hours…


No changes for mine. :grinning:

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8 point game

Interesting to see whether they bring Hepp in for Langford or perhaps even D Clarke.

The other option is to drop Laverde and play Langford forward but methinks that would be unlikely.

Best guess is Z Clarke will continue to get games, with the coaches banking on him being “better for the run” and wanting to avoid Smack getting crunched all game in the ruck.

Out: D Clarke
In: Heppell

B: Francis Hurley Saad
HB: McKenna Hooker Redman
C: Zaharakis Heppell McGrath
HF: Laverde Brown Walla
F: Fantasia McKernan Stringer
R: Clarke Shiel Merrett

I/C: Parish Gleeson Langford Guelfi

we’re gonna win…

the EFC social club COLOUR TV RAFFLE

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Nobody wins the TV! It’s still the original from 1974.


Out: Langford


Brown, Larkey and Zurhaar all clunking marks. Will make selection and team balance tricky. A lot of us are keen for Hooker forward but then we are looking at Hurley, Francis and maybe Brown to cover them? A chance for Hartley maybe on a horses for courses basis?

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Not sure what Heppell’s got but even he’s not confident he’ll be back next week which means he’s farked.


NOT ZCLARKE. I would give Myers ago before that hack

Hams or Snelling in

This is another game where we can finish the season for the Roos, now Sydney are our if the running

Big game they are playing great footy

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