Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July

Want Hooker forward but Ben Brown seems like his best match up.

Hartley is great in VFL but seems to panic in the seniors and give away a few frees unnecessarily.

Hepp will come in I think. I guess at the expense of Langford?

Will D. Clarke be able to do the job on Cunnington?

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Why drop our tagger who has been brilliant

He gets the job on Cunningham




North will be a hard nut to crack. Playing with aggression, flair and a fair bit of belief, unlike the Good Friday team. They hunt the ball/player with serious intent AND will be determined to make amends for “that” embarrassing display 11 games ago.

Both teams have won 4 of the last 5 BUT impressively North have made short work of Tiges and Pies and have put the lower ranked teams to the sword, whereas Essendon’s 1 standout win was against the Giants (doesn’t look that impressive now after the Brisbane result) but have struggled to put away the easy beats.

For Essendon to win they need to bring the pressure, need to be switched on from the beginning or else…


Who would Snelling replace in the seniors (noting he is 176cm)? What role would he play?

Yeah barring a miracle we are going to get done.


DJR reports he won a ruck tap out today, so he could replace Zlarke.


Anyone else think Cunnington might be in trouble for that whack on Gresham? First time I watched it I thought nothing of it but the more I look at it the more I think he might have a case to answer. He clearly goes at the man with no eye on the ball at all. I dunno maybe I’m going soft as well.

7AFL posted it and asked “how many weeks for this?”

Maybe a fine. But would love for him to get a week.

In: Joey😂


Hep D in for Langford if fit. Bring in Snelling. Would love to see him get a game. Our best mid season recruit since um…

I actually think McKernan is closer to suspension than Cunnington.
Not that either of them will go.

Fine at most.

We seem to be really potent in the forward line when we have 3 smalls applying a lot of pressure.

I don’t think we’ll bring Bags in but would Snelling provide a lot of pressure and grunt up forward?

Perhaps Snelling in for Brown?

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I hate to say it.
Snelling for Fanta.


Ooooh controversial!

You wouldn’t back Fanta in to mind some form?

Or think he’s carrying an injury?

Out: Langford, *DClarke
In: Heppell, *Snelling

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North have been playing a very physical style so any changes should not include bringing in light bodied players such as Ham.


There would be many others here who go regularly to training who would have more knowledge.
Is he carrying an injury, or are they trying to get some training into him, and feel that some better form is around the corner ?
I don’t know the answer to those questions.
What I do know is, if this level (his last 3 games) is all that he is capable of right now, then Snelling would probably give us more in terms of tackling and defensive pressure.

It’s not like Fanta is hitting the scoreboard either, though his 2 goals in the last 2 weeks have been rippers !
North would be pretty pleased if he was an OUT, I guess.


I think he is carrying an injury. Looks completely out of sorts atm

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Nah, little tummy tap in act of shepherding. Doubt it even gets looked at