Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July

You are kidding, have you seen ZClarke kick for goal? Have you seen Zac kick?

I think we’ve lacked a tall target up forward (Brown offers nothing) so instead of Snelling I’d be bringing in Hartley so Hooker can play forward (or try Hartley up forward).

If we had your changes we would be extremely light down back if Hooker went forward. Would not want Hurley or Francis on Ben Brown, they aren’t tall enough

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Yeah I get your rationale. Just seems to me that the coaches don’t have a high regard for Hartley, or else he’d have played more.

I don’t see Hooker being played forward unless we are struggling to score (which admittedly is likely considering the last few weeks) - agree that he’ll spend most of his time on Sideshow Bob.

My goodness


I wouldn’t be expecting him to kick goals. Just as a tall target to bring others into it.

Or their ruckman

Agree. Playing or more agile evasive defenders, who have had more experience in how to deal with taggers requires more negativity, more concentration and more application to the man. Funnily enough, good as he is, Cripps has yet to find ways to beat taggers. But he is quite young as yet.

Yeh Speedy, I am with you on this one, lets find a way to get another pressure forward in.
But I am not so sure about the out. Fanta is not 100% is seriously out of form, or his opponents are locking down on him big time. But if Fanta goes out the oppositions best small defender would go to Tippa. We would just need a Snelling to play better than the Oppositions 3rd best small medium defender to reap rewards.

Not an easy selection dilemma.

Could you imagine the media if Raz was omitted?

Brown is running at just 1.5 goals a game over the last 4 games he played. Brown is not playing well at the moment and its either that or he is being told to do the team thing and bring the ball to ground so Zurhaar and his mates can get the job done…

When Brown was left without a partner at the end of last year they needed to bring in Larkey.
Now that is starting to pay off. So North have 2 x 198 cm tall players. There is no way Hurls or even Marty can handle either of these guys.

Tullamarine, we have a problem

It might be time to give Hartley a try.

Would you be concerned if Ambrose wasn’t injured?


I’d give brown a crack on one of them if they play him I defence again. I’ve always rated him better as a defender than a forward we’ve just usually had a solid back 6.

Francis is what 195cm, would surely get first crack and if it’s not working switch him with Brown

Hurls definitely can’t play on the taller over head marking types

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‘hoping’ Hurley is available. Doesn’t sound good but the grab of him training looked promising, wasn’t wincing or anything and it’s only Tuesday

Hurls is pretty tough. If it’s not a soft tissue injury he’ll probably play through it.

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Reckon Hurls is fine, he didn’t seem too worried.

Good news on Zerk. Just a cut, no break.

Heppell will be the interesting one, never heard of that injury before and he’s had in both feet. Jeez I hope he is good to go.


I think we might get rag dolled in the middle…

Would bring in Myers. (ducks head)


I agree with you… if there’s no Hepp then Myers would be a good choice. (Ducking with you)