Speculation on changes for tin rattlers 13th July

Yep, reckon Brown might be a good match for his namesake. Has the endurance to run with him.

It’ll be won in the midfield though. If we can’t apply enough pressure to their mids and they get easy forward entries, we’ll be in trouble.


Yep surely you just belt the ball your way if you have ruck dominance but inneffectual taps as their ruckman sharking it.

Brings out forwards in.

Would you buggers stop moving!!

(Throwing things)


It’ll be an interesting insight into where Myers sits on the match committee’s list.

(no need to duck)

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And risk him being played for the rest of the season? Not for me. If rather give the midget snelling a go given he’s a hard nut or keep the status quo.

Just saw AFL 360 again on Foxtel. Had to giggle when Robbo said about the Essendon/North rivalry “you hate each other”…camera shows Woosha nodding yes.

Least he’s open about it.

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If Hep isn’t passed fit and they actually drop Langford for Myers there will be some teary blitzers

They’re my favourite kind



whats with the myersy and Langford obsession? One is old and no good, the other is young and often no good. I swear some people think these two are future hof inductees.

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Deserves repeating


It’s only Tuesday and I’m so ancy for this game

Everyone is tonguing North’s nuts at the moment in the media

Game will be a hard fought cracker for sure but we can beat these kents


I went to put $50 on North to beat St Kilda last week and inadvertently purchased the club! Unfortunately I lost money on the resale.


We have had a few changes since our last game against North

Assume Heppell Comes in for Langford this week

In: Z Clarke, McKernan, Gleeson, Zaharakis, Francis, Laverde, D Clarke,

Out: Bellchambers, Daniher, Ridley, Ham, Ambrose, Baguley, Myers,

Goldy comes into work quite regularly lately, shall I injure him by accident?



I dont think I can ever get ansy about a North Melbourne game.

9 times out of 10 its a snooze fest. Such a boring nothing of a club. Been around since the 70s and still feels like Melbournes version of the Gold Coast Suns.

Ill just get angry if we play like crap. Then ill get over it.

And if we win? Well we have too and a lot more for any September action. Hopes arent up yet.

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It was quite interesting.


Install some ceiling fans?

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