Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


Out: Clarke, Francis
Ins: Daniher, Begley


Out: Clarke, Walla, Francis
In : Daniher, Ridley, Langford


Out: Myers, Clarke, Francis, Zaharakis

In: Daniher, Ridley, Begley, Mynott/Clarke


Out: Parish
In: Baguley


No changes for mine.




Bags in for Hams

Nothing surer


Out : fans
In : people with nothing better to do


What it will be:
Daniher for Clarke, Bags for Ham
Don’t think it matters tbh - high likelihood that Dockers turn us over next week.


B: Hooker . Ambrose . Ridley

HB: Redman . Hurley . Saad

C: McKenna . Heppell . Shiel

HF: Begley . Stringer . Fantasia

F: Mynott . Daniher . Tipungwuti

Foll: Bellchambers . McGrath . Merrett

I/C: Guelfi . Langford . Parish . Smith

Out: Clarke, Francis, Ham, Myers & Zaharakis


Out: Happy smiling players
In: Moody depressed players


This is pretty spot on. I didn’t have Zaka down but it’s probably gotta happen.


it would make it easier to relate to the players.


That true. We’re all in this together. And we hate it


Think I’ll take the Mrs to dinner…more likely to end in pleasure than this ■■■■■


Out: Worsfold, Harvey, Harding, Skipworth, Crow


Saad hooker Ambrose
Redman Hurley McGrath
Zaka Parish (leave him there ffs) Heppell
Tippa daniher Begley
Fanta-see-r stringer Ridley
Bellchambers Shiel Merrett

Smith D.Clarke ham guelfi

In. , D.Clarke, Begley, daniher Ridley,
Out. Z.clarke, Myers, Francis,mckenna


Ah the ole “make Taberner look like Plugger” game.


Out: Z Clarke, Myers & Ham
In: Daniher, Langford & Ridley

B: Ambrose Hurley Saad
HB: McKenna Hooker Redman
C: McGrath Heppell Merrett
HF: Fantasia Stringer Smith
F: Francis Daniher Walla
R: Bellchambers Shiel Parish

I/C: Zaharakis Guelfi Langford Ridley

Would really love to see blokes like Myers and Baguley actually have to earn their spots back with some solid VFL performances for once.


I love Ridley, Francis and Langford. I reckon they should be in the side, and backed-in by the coaches… but they haven’t.

All 3 of them have not been managed well. Their confidence is down. So I’d leave them in the VFL to gain some form and belief in themselves, before getting them back in.

We have really f*cked the in-&-out selection of our young players this season. They look like they have gotten mixed messages, and have no idea what they should be working on.

I’m pretty concerned by the development of these talent young blokes.