Speculation on changes vs Fremantle


There has got to be some compelling performances to knock any player out of the 22.

Id say some youth would be knocking on the door.


B: Saad Hurley Ambrose
HB: McKenna Francis Redman
C: Ham Hep McGrath
HF: Stringer Joey WALLA
F: Baguley Hooker The
R: Bellchambers Merrett Shiel
Int: Ridley Parish Myersey Zaha

Late change ZClarke for HAM -----> meltdown



Ah you’re correct. Interesting change up from Ross to back in the more mobile setup - in the past he’s been pretty committed to the traditional big ruckman.


Is it only happening via injury?

Sandi & Darcy perhaps not available


Darcy was dropped but had been carrying a couple of niggles


I reckon theres a fair chance if Zaka was told to tag hill, theres still ■■■■ all chance of him going anywhere near him


We could then take a Pickett over yonder Knoll and take on the AFL


Nothing less than a 10 goal win will satisfy me

If we are fair dinkum we will smash these ■■■■■■


Loss of Smith is shaping as a serious blow to our ability to contest the footy. ( not that he has been great this year)

We are on the point of season over. We just cannot afford to lose contested footy players and replace them with uncontested types when our run and gun style is not working.

We might be able to win clearances and compete in stoppages, but once the ball gets outside the stoppage there’s softness there if our outside players are manned up. The Swans exploited it for 3 quarters, Freo will no doubt exploit it as well and they have one of the best defences in the AFL ( 3rd). For that reason I am disinclined to select Ham, much as I like the way the kid plays. Select him instead of Zaharakis and get like for like, but I would go for DClarke instead of Ham. For the same reason I would be playing Dea instead of Ridley. He is much better contested/overhead and we will need that if Hooker goes forward.


Smith hasn’t been right all year, it’s not good news but we can survive it. If Parish can’t step up and give us a similar output then Geelong can have him.


This gives Parish a golden opportunity to step up and play more on ball. He was great against Geelong. If he can get consistent in that output he can cover Smith.


I’ll have what he’s having


Only if Worsfold gives him that role.


The Dockers biggest loss this season has been 25 points. So yeah…


Golden opportunity for Myers to step up!




What if Fyfe climbs the post, should Ambrose follow him?


Nah, he should just tackle him to try and make the post shake.

But then he’d probably give away a free kick for contact below the knees


No but is there any way we can allow him to nominate himself for the mid season draft


Frustration = where expectation does not meet reality

Freo who arent going to roll over easily are defensively very good and we can hardly score at present with makeshift fwd line.

4pts how ever which way we get them will make me happy. 10 goal win is fairytale stuff