Speculation on round 23 changes vs Filth

Full Dress rehearsal version

In: Bellchambers, Hooker, D Clarke

Out: Z Clarke, BZT, Ham

Tank version

In: Bellchambers, Myers, Baguley, Laverde, Mynott, Houlahan, Dea, McNiece, Hartley

Out: McKernan, Stringer, Tippa, Heppell, Fantasia, Saad, Zaharakis, Shiel, Ambrose


Hard to disagree. Zerk and Ham very unlucky

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Tank version. Is this so we can finish 8th and play home final?

If dogs win both their games and we lose, they jump us and play GWS.

You’d think Zaka would be an out.

Zaka is injured? I’d drop him and retain Ham.


Wouldn’t Zaka be an out?

Out: Fantasia (because he never plays against the Pies)

In: Mozzie (because I said so)


Tank version is just to rest some key players or those carrying injuries

Go full on tank mode.
In. Myers, Begley, Baguley, Jok, mynott, mcniece,Hartley, laverde,

Out. Our most 7 important players + zaka(inj)

I like my Tank version better!

D Clarke must come in, and he must tag Sidebottom.

I can’t bear another game where we just let Sidebottom roam free gather 35 and kick 3.


yep we need to put the squeeze on sideboob.

No changes for mine.


It’s a real tough decision.
Do you rest everyone who has a niggle and get them ready for finals (no real match practise for a fortnight) or do you play it like a final to see where we really sit with regards to finals intensity and probably risk further injury.

No way ham goes out. He was terrific last night. I’d love to see his GPS numbers but he worked so hard.

Zaka looked pretty dejected. He’s gonna miss at least a week, imo.

Do not see a reason why you’d play hooker next week, personally I think he’s been rubbish for a month, or more, and zerk offered more. They will obviously go with hooker in a final, so give him another week, then by the time week 1 rolls around he’s had a 3 week break.

Again, I highly doubt they will drop fanta and he’s purely getting games on the back of What he could do and reputation. I wouldn’t play him again this year, but they will

If belly is good to go, play him for Clarke. If not, just the one change I can see, and that’s Clarke for zaka. They may bring back hooker for BZT too but give him another week, he’s been lame for weeks


Full on Ross Lyon mode. Play the likes of Long, Dea, Hartley, Jok. A fortnight off could do wonders for some of the walking wounded.

… And probably destroy their form. It’s a tough one.


You know Mozzie is injured yeah?

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OUT: Clarke, Zaka
IN: Clarke, Tbell

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While it was one of Clarke’s better games around the ground, he can’t be risked taking a shot anywhere near goal. TBC may lack match practice and touch, but needs to be brought back in against the Pies. Clarke against Grundy is the stuff of nightmares.

I’m with you.

Anyone who is injured, gets rested. Give hooker another week off as well

Rest Raz, so he can play a final. Don’t want him injuring himself and missing finals

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