Squad vs Port

Surprised that there is still no Edwards.



New recruit Paul Chapman and captain Jobe Watson headline a number of senior Bombers named in the squad to take on Port Adelaide on Tuesday night at Etihad Stadium.

Six changes have been made to the squad that narrowly lost to Gold Coast last week with Watson, Chapman, Jason Winderlich, Brendon Goddard, Tayte Pears and Dustin Fletcher all set to play their first game of 2014.

Out of the squad that travelled to the Gold Coast are Nick O‘Brien, Alex Browne, Dylan Van Unen, Lauchlan Dalgleish, Kurt Aylett and Orazio Fantasia.

The 29 man squad will be cut to a final team of 26 on match day.

See the full squad below.

1. Michael Hibberd

3. Paul Chapman

4. Jobe Watson

5. Brent Stanton

6. Joe Daniher

7. Leroy Jetta

8. Jason Winderlich

9. Brendon Goddard

11. David Zaharakis

12. Mark Baguley

14. Jason Ashby

16. Tayte Pears

18. Michael Hurley

20. Jackson Merrett

21. Dyson Heppell

22. Jake Carlisle

25. Ariel Steinberg

26. Cale Hooker

27. Zach Merrett

28. Elliott Kavanagh

29. Cory Dell‘Olio

30. Paddy Ryder

31. Dustin Fletcher

32. Travis Colyer

34. Kyle Hardingham

35. Martin Gleeson

39. Heath Hocking

40. Ben Howlett

44. Fraser Thrulow






No melksham, Myers, Dempsey or Kommer either!

No melksham no such a concern given he is suspended for the first two!

Forward line with Daniher, choppy and licka pretty exciting though!

Edwards. Interesting.

Edwards, secret weapon to be unleashed round 1.

Close enough to full strength injuries notwithstanding.

I thought suspended players were allowed to play in nab cup/challenge.. (jake melksham)

Close enough to full strength injuries notwithstanding.

leg injuries?

Good strength. We will smash them. 

One of the fb pages said edwards was in a moon boot not too long ago but I said that isn’t true because he’s been training and the only time he didn’t was when he visited his ill grandpa, the facebook page still sticks by it so some douchebag must be running it


Glad to see Hurley/Carlisle/JD playing again. They need to build up their chemistry. It's a fairly strong side so will be interesting to see the team for NAB round 3.

Um, you realise the article is wrong, right?


Hurley played against Gold Coast.


EDIT: I see they‘ve now replaced “Hurley” with “Pears”.

Don’t care who plays from the squad named as long as we smash Port and shut that loud-mouthed president of theirs up. Come to think of it, maybe it would be better to have him blow off again and further display his ignorance. Go Bombers!

Would have liked to have seen more of NOB & was really hoping to see if Dalgleish had continued to improve after showing some good signs late last year.  Van Unen does not exist so its time we came clean but I was most dissapointed not to get a look at Fantasia.  Great ins but I personally would like to have seen more of what we don't know. 

The forward still looks disfunctional,BUT when chappy comes in you will see how many goals he will give away and score himself.

Chappy decision making and skills will set up plenty goals,otherwise we have terrible small crumbing forwards.

Also,the EFC claimed that belly was the only real injury,where the hell is myers,Dempsey,melk etc.

It’s NEVER is good and easy as they claim!!!

Thats a good team on paper, provided all the experienced guys play. with Port having a more experienced lineup this week shoud give a better indicator of our form heading into round 1. Loved Bombers press conference where he says even they are NAb practice matches, you dont like losing any games.

Also,the EFC claimed that belly was the only real injury,where the hell is myers,Dempsey,melk etc.
It's NEVER is good and easy as they claim!!!

Maybe they don't count NAB cup and are using round 1 as the barometer.

That's a very strong side that still has to be trimmed by 3. With Pears and Fletch coming in, I wouldn't be surprised if Hooker gets rested. With Winderlich and Chappy coming in, maybe one of Steinberg/Hardy will miss out, too. Was hoping to see Edwards, but ah well.


Port have named a strong side too, with Boak, Hartlett, Lobbe, Ebert, Cornes, Wingard & Shultz all coming back in. Should be a good hit-out.

Also,the EFC claimed that belly was the only real injury,where the hell is myers,Dempsey,melk etc.
It's NEVER is good and easy as they claim!!!

Hate to see you if there was actually something to panic about.