Stan Heili - French giant prospect

Hey Blitzers!

You might have heard there’s a French prospect currently down under (for those who don’t, more info here and here )

Big Stan told me he’d be trying out for the Bombers tomo, can anyone provide us here on BB with some feedback on how it went?
Don’t get too excited, since he already showed his craft to 5 other clubs today, but I’d personally love to see the first France national to ever play in the AFL doing so with a red sash on his chest.


amenez-le dans

Ca va bien mercy

a tout le monde, can he play wing?

We have bush, we have bush

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?

Une bierre sil vous plait.

a tout le monde, can he play wing?

He’s more of a big guy (taller than anyone in the AFL)

fetchez la vache!

He shall be known as Eiffel.

Mon Dieu! Incroyable!

No chance.

When asked what club he wanted to play for he said;

Wei Wei
Poo Poo.

i don’t know any french.

Sounds Nice, but I hear he’s a Truck

Too soon?

Too soon?
Quite Nice

Looks like Francis, but not as tall based on what I’ve read on Blitz

Le raor raor!

That’s all I got.

Too soon?