Star Wars - Spoilers - The Mandalorian edition

Wow. That was Vader is Luke’s father level of initial jaw drop.

If this goes where I think it might, the whole new trilogy actually may make sense

Really rate this. Well told. Gritty western feel. Has some major impact to the Star Wars universe.

Apparently inspired by a Japanese story about a samurai and a child.

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I have a huge theory about where this could go when you start to work back to when the mandalorians bounty came Into the universe. It could really impact how we view the Skywalker arc as well

post it.

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I’ll wait for a few more people wait it, it will be spoiler massive if it’s legit


Loving it so far, and especially loving the western feel, which is what the original SW was, a western space opera.

what a cop out, its a spoiler thread just post it.

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is it the “the bounty was born in a virgin birth to balance out the virgin birth of certain dark lord of the sith” theory?

Yeah, Anikin was a dark side birth, the whole skywalker line is the dark side, this little guy is the balance to that, and I reckon he’s going to come in at the end and wipe out the Kylo, if you go back 50 years from when this is set, it’s same time as anikins birth and same planet

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not quite the same planet, Arvala-7 not Tatooine.

Im leaning more towards the theory based on the kamino patch on the doctors arm during the briefing

The question then becomes is he a clone or someone who they want to clone?

pedro pascal is the man.

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I heard that voice and went “Narcos?!?!?!”

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What to make of the claim #BabyYoda is 50yrs old?

It will mean he is born in 41 BBY, so there’s that

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Is the timeline suggesting baby Yoda was born when old Yoda died (reincarnated???)

There was a female Yoda (Yaddle) so some are guessing that somehow this might be Yoda’s child. Just pure speculation floating on the interwebs, I don’t subscribe to it personally.

No, but he was born at the same time as Anakin

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