Star Wars stuff (spoilers)

While this weeks episode was better than last weeks my only issue with
the show right now is flash backs.

The entire episode was basicly a flash back want less flash back more current Boba.

Right thread, but wrong board.

I asked my kids what they prefer, flash backs or the new stuff.

They prefer the flash backs /

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@theDJR do your job. There’s already a thead

Look you boys do know that Star Wars is fiction, right?

You’re not real?

thank ■■■■ i can finally stop caring about the ewoks posts

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Mate, I’m very real. But in Star Wars we ewoks were just acting.


It’s Star Wars. Why would anyone put any effort into it at all?

Because it’s awesome.

aren’t the flashbacks only like a few months before the mando anyway?

Yep, and the new stuff isn’t long after.

It got a bit cringey where it looked like Boba was a foreign tourist trying to understand a local.

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The flash backs are a few months after Return of the Jedi.

Season 1 of Mandalorian is 5 years after return of the Jedi.

The fun part of this episode is that they introduce Cammie and Fixer who are Luke’s friends from deleted scenes of A New Hope.

In the Last Jedi Novel, Luke has a dream that he stayed to be a Moisture Farmer (instead of going with Obi Wan), and he marries Cammie and has kids.


Really didn’t know that

Boba is going to have to start wrecking shop soon other wise people will start to losing interest.

I get it he wants to rule with respect and not fear like Jabba was but come on be a beat more ruthless and why would you let the evil Wookie go?

Would love for Fennic Shand to turn on him and take over she seems pefect as a crime lord she’s starting to get fed up with Boba imo

I mean he is going to look pretty badass and strike fear riding a bloody Rancor once he learns how to.

I didnt mind the episode but the chase scene was super lame


No doubt that secne is going to be awesome I hope he gets the Wookie back that will strike fear into kents trying screw with Boba.

Yeah that chase scene was pretty meh reminded of the Biff chase sequences from Back to the Future 2

The chase sevens was excruciating. Even the charactirs. We’re the based on hipsters or mods? Trash talking each other about the speed of their bikes, then it was like watching people on mobility scooters race to Centrelink.


This episode seems everyones least favoruite out of the 3 so far

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